Updated again today (ver 1.2).

Cut and paste from email:

Here is a list of new features

1- We added a list of regular amp simulations to use instead of the Rotary Speaker (shown in the image of this email and demonstrated in the last two demos of our website by our friend Scott Yahney).

2- You can now use the sustain pedal to sustain notes like on a piano.

3- We added a distance knob to control the distance of the microphones to the speaker. This allows you to add more or less ambience (it's subtle and neds to be tweaked without the reverb on, but allows for the organ to be very dry).

4- We now offer the ability to disable the preset keys (to avoid playing them by mistake).

The following might already be in the previsous version that did not have a new number.

5- You can use on/off MIDI buttons to change the interface buttons like the percussions for example.

6- You can use the sustain pedal (or any other continuous controller) to toggle the speed of the Leslie everytime you press it (instead of having to leave it pressed).

7- You can now raise the overall volume of drawbars above 1 in the advanced preferences (this avoids changing all drawbars volumes but one).

8- A better support for non-retina displays with increased text size on the main interface.

There are a few other minor fixes and improvements not listed hre so if you don't have the 1.2 yet, you should download it.

Don't rush me. I'm playing as slowly as I can!