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I will probably sound dumb, but, i tried everything to be notified of new posts in this topic... but i never get them... is there something i need to do besides ticking yes in the preferences to be emailed when a change is made?
I could have answered earlier, but i did not see anything new was posted here...

Hi Arno - Thank you for all the updates! You are kicking A double "S" w/ this Plugin.

Feature Request:
  • CC Mapping "Load" functionality. Please provide some "built in" Mappings like the HX3 does (Please include default DMC-122 midi controller assignments first and perhaps create a way for people to let you know which controllers they need (and this will give you an idea of what types of controllers people are using w/ your plugin)
  • Easy Mapping facility ("Click to assign" feature)
  • Please animate those mics when you change the distance and it will provide visual confirmation you are engaging this feature

Look at the images below to see the things you'll want to make sure are checked, some are in "My Stuff, some in Preferences, some when you "Reply" to a message" - this is what I have and it works.

  • From "Reply to Message (or "Create New Post" )
  • *OR* Click the "Topic Options" Link (upper left at top of page) and Check "Add Topic to Your Watched Topics"

    Then make sure it's there afterwards:
  • Click the "My Stuff" Button at top and then click "Watched Topics"
  • Tick the "Immediately" button
  • Manage Your "Watched Topics" by clicking the "Watched Topics" in your list (Under My Stuff)

Best Regards,

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