Alright guys, since you (and people from other forums) have been asking for a few features including the possibility to make it more Rock oriented, we just added a few features (there will be a newsletter about it given how many new things have been added since the release).

First, we added the Amp section present in our other libraries, so there is a list of about 10 amps in mono or stereo versions including Fender amps, Rhodes and even Bass amps (and others). The last two demos in our demo list are using amps and not the Leslie.

Second, there is the possibility to use the sustain pedal to actually sustain notes.

And then there are a few other things that some of you might already have in their versions like the toggle rotation speed for the pedal, the possibility to assign on/off buttons from hardware keyboards to percussions buttons, the possibility to de-activate the presets keys, a distance knob to control the amount of "room" present in the Leslie simulation (this one is subtle and you can hear it when playing staccato notes without the reverb engaged), and we made the texts bigger for the non-retina screen users (this has been there for a while, but wasn't in the first release).