Can't remember if I posted here yet or only elsewhere, as I've been super-busy. I bought this last weekend for well under $100; it seemed worth it from the audio demos, and though I haven't recorded it yet or done direct shoot-outs, I have a feeling it's even better than my XK-1c hardware clone.

What caught me right away was how well the tonewheels interact. This is the shortcoming of most clones, whether modeled or sampled. And it's also why I generally find it hard to get good jazz tones (Jon Lord-ish tones are relatively easy to capture).

Looking forward to having time to re-track some of my XK-1c tracks with B-5 to compare, as well as new material, but I'm mostly focused on my jazz album right now and the twelve pieces on this particular album have zero organ (instead, lots of piano, chromatic percussion, and accordion).

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