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I put it up against my Gemini and my HX3

Do you have the drawbar module for the HX3? Does B5 work with that? (IIRC, it's a little unusual in that, instead of each drawbar sending a different CC, they all send the same CC but on different channels...?)

@AnotherScott: Sorry, I have the DMC-122 w/ the Gemini Module - but my drawbars worked off the bat - I just had to hit the "Invert Drawbars" button (under Advanced Prefs, then click Assign CC's) and change the 8' pedal (it was controlling the 5 1/4' by default)...each has its own CC# - 12-29 and pedals are 33, 34) - but of course this is all configurable in both the DMC as well as the plugin...not sure about the drawbar module however.

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