After having this for about a week I have to say, this plugin is probably the BEST sounding clone I have ever heard. It's almost UNREAL how realistic it sounds....its got that crunch, that woodyness, that keyclick sound - even the keycontact thing they got right (where you hear each individual of the 9 contacts coming in)... and the C/V is fantastic!

I put it up against my Gemini and my HX3 (as well as my B-3) and it's almost bothersome how good it sounds in comparison.....seeing as how I thought "how could it get any better than these two?"....(take your pick on which you think sounds better - for me, there are some things I like better about the HX3 and some things I like better about the VB3v2 in the Gemini/DMC-122).

Perhaps, the ONLY thing that needs a little work is the Leslie Sim which isn't quite as good as either the Mojo or the HX3 (both nailed the Leslie sim I think)....However, there are a lot of different settings, (cabinet selection, mic selection, etc - that I still haven't gone through completely yet that could maybe make this just a "settings" thing....)

If I think about how much time I put into getting my HX3 and my Gemini to sound the way I wanted - it isn't even fair to compare that yet since I don't have that kind of time into the plugin yet....

But you could also bypass the internal Leslie sim if you wanted and chain it through L'Otary or a Vent/Burn, etc as others have pointed out.

Also, to top it off, it has a ridiculous amount of presets that show the drawbar settings, percussion, C/V, and all the Mic tweaks that are possible to get the sound of many of your favorite organists as well as the settings from some notable songs, genre's, etc. This alone to me was also an added value since finding that right drawbar setting for a particular sound you are trying for is sometimes challenging.

All that said, I still don't think I would sell either my HX3 nor my Gemini - since they both have their place....but if I were to say which sounds the best - right now, this is it....I'm absolutely blown away!

Congrats Arno on an amazing plugin'!

I do agree with you about having a playable demo...there should be a way to accomplish this... I bet a lot more plugin's would sell if they can pull that off since many people (like yourself) aren't willing to pluck down $100+ if they can't try it out for themselves.