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Hi John,

As much as i would like to answer on this forum, ive been banned from it for posting a news about a commercial product once a while ago
Anyway, regarding the vibrato, yes, we sampled it just like the regular tone and use it as the source whenever the vibrato is enabled.

I dont want to explain too much how it works though as it was actually one of the big challenges with this library, but basically, it was sampled for each of the 91 frequencies and since we do not stack samples but use the synthesis approach, we just add more or less volume of every selected frequency, just like for the regular non vibrato tone.

This is a bit different than what happens on the real machine but gives the same result.

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Hmm. So each tonewheel is sampled dry, and 6 times more with all the variations of CV? Then they play back all the samples needed and somehow the sample playback stays synchronized so that the CV remains cohesive? Seems like it could work I guess.

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