I purchased this over the weekend. I have used (and own) Native Instruments B-4 II, VB3, Mainstage Vintage B3 with L'otary, and DB33 in software. I have a Mojo 61 on order, and have been using a Hammond SK1. I agree with the comments above about the addictive nature of playing this VI. Certainly in software, this will be my chosen organ. It has the right amount of "spit", among other things. I should also add that I am not a Hammond "expert" (though I certainly know the sound(s) I prefer), I only ever owned one (original Hammond) and that was an L series spinet/Leslie 145 and a very long time ago. Most of my organ playing these days is "band-gig" or blues organ. I keep the quasi jazz chops for home and shedding. This is great fun.