Spent an hour with it tonight. Sounds great and is one of those rare VI's like VB3 and Pianoteq that you just want to play and not tweak.

All the subtle Hammond elements that are around the core tone are there and well balanced. Volume balance between notes feels just right and the highest octave is creamy without being shrill. Down low it 'breathes' without getting muddy.

I'm no expert so will leave it to those that are to comment on how faithful it is to the original. Suffice to say I really enjoyed playing it and reluctantly dragged myself away to catch the last 30 klm's of the 2nd stage of the Giro.

MainStage 3 | Axiom 61 2nd Gen | Pianoteq | B5 | XK3c | EV ZLX 12P
Hoping everyone stays safe and well and sees this through to the other side