1. You can bypass the "Leslie". I ran it through L'otary last night with no problems. I don't own a Vent (though I do have a Burn somewhere), but I'd guess it's just a simple to accomplish.
My comment re:harshness was aimed at nearly every clone I've ever tried. I don't currently own one (and the last one i did was 20 yrs ago), but I've always found the top end harsh on clones, particularly the Hammond/Suzukis I've tried.

I'm headed out, but let me quickly clear up a few things.
First, I'm not the guy for a "shootout" or full scale "Alfredson" style review. Like I said, I don't own much of the gear you want comparisons to so I can't weigh in on it's merits relative to Mojo or Numa or H3 etc.
What I am doing is just posting my impressions for anyone who might be interested.
That said, I also want to be sure everyone understands that I did not pay for this instrument. I've known the owner of this company for several years, since we both worked on another instrument several years ago for another company (he actually did real work. I just gave feed back and impressions, suggestions for improvement and bug flaws kinds of stuff).
Under his own banner, he makes some of imho the best VIs on the planet (his Wurly is 2nd to none in my book cool ), and I have bought and paid for several of them, but a couple of times, he has asked me to check out something new and provide the same sort of feedback. This is one of those occasions. He fully understands that I will always be honest, and I think he is aware that I will most likely tell people (like around here) what I think and he's OK with accepting that if I don't like something, I will say so publicly.
In the case of this B-5, in the short time I've had to give it a whirl, I am quite positive in digging it, and happy to "tell my friends" that I do.
I'm sure someone will be along shortly to offer a more thorough review, or head to head comparison with what else is out there. I'm also fairly sure that someone will be along here soon to bitch about iLoks laugh

Don't rush me. I'm playing as slowly as I can!