Just got it up and running. It's deep and sounds amazing cool
I'll be digging in for days, as it's a tweaker's dream, but first learning how to make it work with my various controllers. I don't see "midi learn" yet, but there is full cc assignment available. I also don't see horn/rotor acceleration timing adjustment, but the default is typical real world sounding.
The grand take away is by far the sound, which is the best "in the box" I've ever heard. Yes, it's samples, but has none of that harshness (especially high note harshness) so common to the clones. Perhaps not a fair fight, as VB3 has not been updated in some time, but this is light years better sounding to my ears. For anyone getting their organs out of "the box", this is a no brainer even if it were 3 times the price. At $109, it's a steal. As a 64bit Mac runner there's definitely no reason to stick with 32Lives/VB3 anymore.

Don't rush me. I'm playing as slowly as I can!