After catching Janiva Magness last night at the Regatta Bar in Cambridge, I picked up her two most recent CDs.
And I'm digging the hell out of them.

The show was easily among the best I've seen/heard in a decade, and I don't say sh*t like that lightly.

I've got a special love for the blues/soul genre as both listener and player. The execution during last night's show combined a curator's reverence for the genre with an innovator's drive to make it better.

Our friend from this very forum, Jim Alfredson, did terrible, wonderful things to his rig (SK1 and PX5S). A residue of funk is going to be dripping down the walls in that joint for weeks to come.

Janiva oozed rock power out of her pores. Hearing her sing - it was like being hit with a fire hose blasting out 200$/bottle cabernet sauvignon.

They were a freaking super-group - vocals, bass, drums, keys and guitar all raging badasses with impeccable taste.

In other words it was a really good show.