I'm looking for a set of pickups for my Ibanez Artcore AF85TDG shown below... I've been asking around online and getting mixed info/suggestions so I figured I'd ask here. Looking for two tones out of this guitar... a warm, thick jazz tone (I want to be able to dial down the tone without it being too muddy)... and a twangy rockabilly tone.

Here is a list of some I am considering but I'm looking closest at SD Seth Lovers or Gibson 57s... I do want to stay with gold humbuckers as shown in the pic. What do you think?

N>Gibson 57 Classic B>Gibson 57 Classic Plus
Seymour Duncan Seth Lover Set
N>Seymour Duncan Seth Lover B>Seymour Duncan Phat Cat
Low Wind Lollar Imperial Set
N>Lollar Charlie Christian B> SD Phat Cat
Tonerider Alnico II Classics AC2 Set

**TV Jones pickups will not fit this guitar**

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