...but then, you guys all know that! Sunday after church, I took a Jay Turser dobro out to GC to sell, because I needed to get some rent money in my account.

The day before, I been at a jam and heard Lonnie Ray, a local legend blues guy playing his L7 through A Fender Mustang III. When I got up to jam, he set it for a little grit and turned me loose on it.

I really liked it. It was LOUD, but controlable, and I didn't hear the usual digital shrillness that you seem to have to put up with in a lot of modeling amps.

Well, while I was out at GC, I saw a Mustang III on the shelf and started asking about it. It so happened that I had my Budda Superdrive 18 combo out in the car...

Long story short, I traded for the Mustang and got a chunk of $ on to walk out with as well. I feel pretty good about it. The Budda was a nice amp, but very touchy to dial in if you had to change levels.
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