I've been out of the loop for a while and not playing live anymore...well, so far anyway.......and I see my Marshall 100W 1/2 stack everytime I go to the studio....realizing, I may never use it again and it takes up room I could use. The same goes for the Fender Twin.

What could I expect to get ....realistically for these items? Not BS Ebay expectations and stuff.......just realistic and fair asking prices.

The head...... 70's to early 80's (I think-I bought it in '86 ) Marshall JCM 800 Lead 2203. It's currently missing two tubes I removed to make it a 50 watter. I can have all new tubes put in and have it biased/checked over etc. It has the 6550 tubes....not the EL34's. (I can do the mod if it will fetch a better price)I had a Power Amp input put into it. The tolex is okay on the top and sides...the front cloth is good etc the logo and gold plate, knobs etc all good condition.....but the bottom is bad. When I bought it the tolex was peeled off/ripped on the underside so I put black duct tape down....er....... 27 years ago or so. It is missing one plastic cap that goes over the strap hardware.

The cabinet. 1960A cabinet with the 75W speakers. The tolex has been beat up a bit like any good touring amp and has a nice SM57 hole in the cloth in front of the lower speaker. I always though this was a good thing so you could get the mic closer to the cone..... sick laugh

I have an anvil case for the cabinet.

The Fender Twin Reverb........ is an early 80's model. It is not the sought after Blackface or Silverface TR....it is a silverface bit it is the one that has the bigger power transformer. I think it is 135W....whatever it is it is loud and has the Fender sound. It also has plenty road wear on the tolex etc but is in fairly good shape. I took off the side stands. I think I have them somewhere but not the mounting hardware.

Put it this way.......none of this stuff looks new laugh .....far from it. They all sound good though.

I think it only fair of me to have both amps serviced and given a clean bill of health and hopefully I can recoup that expense in my asking price.

What I do not want to do is dicker. I want to get the amps serviced and decide on a fair price and stick to that.

Oh.......if y'all feel it is important......I will try get someone to attend to the tolex damage and replace that missing strap hardware plastic cover.

So....any idea's?