I know there is still some great music to listen to if you like bands today, but lately, it seemed to be getting rarer and rarer to find good stuff.

But today, my faith is restored in thinking that there is still some great music that is being made today...not just in the 1950's, 1960's or 1970's or even 1980's!

I heard this band for the very first time on Jay Leno last night and was simply amazed. I do not keep up with a lot of bands and do not know how long they have been around, but they have a sound that to me, anyway, really captures the "spirit" of the 1960's.

The band I speak of is called "Vintage Trouble" and a lot of their songs brings you back to the 1960's.

But what really sounds great about this band is their singer...who I think was a James Brown fan at one time or another. Because he can do a lot of what the "Godfather of soul" could do back in the day.

The band itself reminds me of the who back in the day. Very simply three piece band. Guitar, bass and drums. I do not know if they play real vintage instruments or re-issued instruments, but they sound great.

this band is kind of like the who meets James Brown.

Here is a video of "total strangers they did at the Bing lounge.


These guys are great, I hope they go far.

P.S. If they have been around for awhile and I have not noticed or kept up, please excuse my excitement over this band.