Had a 2 nighter gig last weekend. Took my LP and my old Strat. I've come to favor the LP sonically, especially while I still had the Mesa. Now that I'm back to my old Gibson 6L6 amp in the Fender cab, I'm more reliant on pedals for sound coloration, as there is no real gain stack in my old PTP amp, nor reverb, nor anything remotely modern. What it does have is massive headroom and bottom end.

Broke a string on the LP and switched to the Strat. Turns out the pedal array and settings were more compatible with the Strat. I'm not usually one to leave the fx on and use the guitar's volume control to clean up the sound for rhythm passages, but no better axe exists for this method than a good Strat. I put Tele knobs on this one long ago, and plan on doing the same with my newer Strat and my V. I fell back in love with this old workhorse all over again, and the LP stayed in the case for most of Friday night and all of Saturday night. I missed the 22nd fret on the LP for a couple of tunes, but not enough to put the Strat away. I've owned this axe for 34 years, and the shiny novelty had worn off long ago, but I seem to have tapped into forgotten nuances of just how great this guitar is. The LP is still safe in the herd, but the Strat's gonna see a lot more stage time for the next good while!

My point: Dig out your old axes and show them some love! It's worth it!
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