I was out in the suburbs doing some shopping, and happened to be in the vicinity of a guitar shop I hadn't been in in a while, so I decided to stop in and take a look at the Reverends I know they carry. I walked in the building, went up the stairs, and found out that it was not there anymore.

...it had been replaced by a DIFFERENT store. Its pretty new, and they're still developing their inventory. But they can get anything and everything in the Godin line, including the subsidiaries- I told the guy I was interested in some of the Seagulls and Richmonds as well as the Godins, and he said he could get any of them.

As I was leaving, I asked him if he had bought out the other store. He said that they had moved across the (big) parking lot.

So I crossed the parking lot and stopped in to see if they were as good as I remembered. Besides, I still had to check out the Reverends.

Not only did they have nice prices on Reverends- and they, too, can get anything in that product line- they had good prices on G&Ls and a pretty nice Wall 'O' Gibsons.


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