I have a question that I've been thinking about... It centers around a Sterling by Musicman AX-40 I just picked up used. So far it seems to be a decent guitar, definitely worth the money I paid. I'm not sure I will even replace the pickups but my first thought was to replace the stock pickups with EVH pickups... Why, cause I admit I'm a bit of an EVH fan boy... I won't apologize.

My question is if the EVH pickups are built to specs for the Wolfgang guitar. which I assume they are? or just built to certain specs? Same thing with the stock in the AX-40... built to AX40 specs or just built? Anyway, both the EVH Wolfgang Special and the AX-40 have Basswood bodies with Maple Veneer tops... so how likely are the EVH pickups in the Wolfgang to sound similar in the AX40? I know results vary from guitar to guitar when you are talking pickups, what other factors would factor into the sound of the pickups?
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