I got an email this morning from Bogdan Radovic (who is this?), inviting me to join his crappy forum, etc., basically it sounded like some spammers' site, inviting me to help spam my fellow guitarists, with the offer of a free six-month subscription to a site I'd never heard of, with the further incentive(?) that I'd be able to invite friends to participate in whatever this is. Here's the text. It all sounds very friendly, but suspicious, nonetheless.

Hello Winston,

Bogdan from crappy forum here

I have noticed that you write helpful and interesting forum posts online and wanted to invite you to join our guitar community.
crappy forum is for members only (subscribers) and we have got some really cool stuff going on : recording collaborations, live chats, gear/software discussions etc, and of course, tons of guitar lessons

I would like to offer you an endorsement in form of a completely free membership with full access to all our guitar website features, in return we would only need you to be active in our forum and share your experience and thoughts!

Later on, as a bonus, we would also be able to supply you with some additional 6 month memberships for giving them away to your guitar friends, if you wish...

I think that your input in our forum would be very interesting!

Please let me know if you would be up for joining us? smile


Sounds like BS to me, and if this guy is trolling the Forum, looking to recruit people, I thought everyone should know. Has anyone heard of this guy, or his site? Maybe I'm just being an ornery bastard, but that doesn't mean I'm wrong.

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