For years I have been wanting to emulate the beautiful clean and smooth guitar sound Andrew Gold gets in his lead guitar on Art Garfunkels 1970's hit "I Only Have Eyes for You" (listen at: I Only Have Eyes for You, but can't seem to get near it.

Although he favoured using a Rickenbacker for a lot of his work, I'm certain he didn't on this track.

I'm guessing he may have used a Telecaster with new strings for clarity through possibly a Roland JC120 amp using minimal chorus and heaps of compression(possibly studio not stomp). I think he also ran the guitar track through a slow leslie to complement the keyboards but it may be a slow tremolo or phaser.

I would love to have your thoughts on this - I can't try my guesses out anymore as I no longer have a Telecaster guitar or a quality amp but would like to see what can be achieved using computer vst plugins. I'll need some help, though.

Good luck and many thanks