Here is my second Ibanez, this time this one is not a prestige but is a Ibanez S520EX BK 2007 made in Korea. the guitar come with Hardcase (roadrunner) is not Ibanez case but is a case and the only problem with the guitar I will need to get the real whammy bar kit, because this one is a generic one and I don't like it(one piece whammy bar kit just like those one we find on Floyd rose)
the guitar is in very good shape(just some finger print on the black body) the guitar look almost new and play very well and the neck is a dream.
here some pic. the guitar cost with the case before tax in my guitar shop 550$ CND before tax, but I deal the guitar for 500$ including the tax. Some people will say is a little high for this guitar.But I prefer those one made in Korea than the new one made in Indonesia

sorry for my english i'm a french Canadien

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