Shhh...I'm straying from the KB forums and I apologize for the rambling post.

Semi-newbie question as guitar technology has passed me by and I'm probably stuck in circa 1991 as far as guitar rigs are concerned.

I currently have what I consider an embarrassing/dated guitar set up consisting of a red knob Pro 185, a late 80's Fender Strat (HSS-ish that was trying to look different and features a Floyd Rose tremolo, which I personally hate btw), a Crybaby wah, and an old rack effect unit that I'm pretty sure is pretty cheesy ;-)

So I am a keys player, and have fairly high end equipment (Motif, Nord etc.), that I've been using in a rock band context. I want to get back into the guitar as well so I can mix it up and be versatile.

So what I'm looking for is advise on where to begin. As I've aged, I've certainly become used to more high-end equipment. Since I don't plan to give up keys, I'm really looking for starting with a solid rig, that's portable, that won't buzz if I decide to run it through my PA at practice, and is powerful enough for practice to stand on it's own...and that I won't think is crap.

Sounds like the Mustang 3 has pretty good reviews. Coming from the KB world though, it almost seems like it is too inexpensive. I was anticipating paying $800 - $1,000 for an amp, but if a $275 fits the bill, less cash on the amp means more cash for other gear. I do think, given everything I've stated, a modeling solid state may be a good fit for getting back into it. Is there something that is much better in the price range I reference? Is it worth it?

What guitar I'm going to get is another question altogether!

Thanks for listening...
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