Hello everybody. I am looking to ask for another pedal this christmas but I am not sure which one to ask for. I know pedals that I want to get, but I am not sure which pedal is in my best interest to get.
My current build is a MXR M173 classic 108 fuzz, a dunlop crybaby classic, a Big Muff Germanium (which has an okayish overdrive) and a VFE enterprise phaser.

So to the question, I am not sure if I should get a delay,chorus, overdrive or something im not even thinking about for my next pedal.
In terms of chorus pedals I am looking at the MXR Analog delay . It has a nice price and the demos made it sound pretty nice.

The delay i was looking at was the previously spoken of MXR Carbon Copy . It too has a relatively nice price and the demos made it sound pretty nice. The big problem really is that I'm not sure what the differences are between phasers, delays and choruses. I see their similarities but not so much what makes them different.

Lastly, I was looking at the VFE The Scream. It sounds very nice, has many options, but is pushing the budget a little bit. I already have two distortions so I wasn't sure if I would be overdoing that area of sound by neglecting delay/chorus/other stuff.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Important Note: I like classic rock, hard rock, psychadelic and soft rock the most. Not a huge fan of jazz, country or prog rock.