Well guys, I am in a rut. I dont really know what to do.
First I will start with I have never taken any lessons, I am completely self taught.
I know my basic chords and a few scales, and I have even taken a Music theory class when I was in school.
I wouldnt call myself a novice, maybe one step up from there.
Basically I dont know how to make my own music. Is there some guide to what sounds relatively good together or do I need to just keep playing with until I find my own sound?
I havent played with many people, considering I dont really know how. For example, I was playing with my cousins band, nothing serious, While they were jammin away on their respective instruments I just kinda stood there. I didnt know where to go or even what to do. I felt like an idiot.
I dont have a problem with playing, I can generally play most of the songs I have tried to learn(through Tabs).

I just feel like I am missing something. All the things I have learned arent meshing together or something.

Can anyone give me some advice on how they took their guitar playing to the next level?
Guitar Influences:
Yoshiaki Manabe, Mike Einziger, Josh Homme, Dave Grohl.
There are a few more but I'm too lazy to name.