Hi there,

I searched for an answer for the question below but did not quite found it. Perhaps it has been answered here before, so please bear with my repetition of it...

I have recently started a very good Beatles cover band and am now contemplating the purchase of the "right" guitar, because so far I have been making-do with my humble Squier Strat plus 6 string acoustic (yeah, shame on me, I know...)

Anyways, went today to a store to have my first hands on contact with a Rickenbacker 6 stringer, and found the guitar is kind of hard to find...I was told (among others by a salesperson at Toronto's LA Music) that Rickenbacker keeps delivery of their guitars at a ridiculously low rate, which I suspect helps to drive prices up. Indeed the store had none on the floor. Was also told that the instrument quality is much overrated. I know this is debatable and am not interested in discussing it here and now - my current question is another: I am now interested in discovering whether one can coax a credible impersonation of the Beatles 62-66 guitar sound from alternatives such as the Epiphone Casino or maybe one of the Gretsch semi-hollows. Any pointers will be much appreciated.
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