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Accidental Farrah

There has to be a story behind that one.

OK. First a little background for the whippersnappers. In the late 70's, This Lady was the hottest thing on the planet. Young girls wanted to look just like her; young boys wanted to, well, uh...use your imagination. Two out of three college dorms had that poster on the wall. The blow dryer and round brush were new commodities at this time, and young women spent hours trying to achieve that hairstyle; few were successful.

A couple days ago my wife came into the Man Cave (Ha!!!just to piss off Eric...) and said, "Check out my Accidental Farrah." The left side of her hairdo was exactly Farrah, and it was a total accident. Right side was not, however....

Things are just the way they are, and they're only going to get worse.