Nice Pear
Saturated Fats
No Salad For Caesar
The Legs
Mean Steam
Road Block
Clean Sheets
Deep Seeded
Cliff Hanger
The Dented Cans
Area 52
The Blanks
Told You So
The Stepchildren
The Decent Men
The Descent of Man
Beer Muscles
Temporary Insanity
Stolen Thunder
Cease and Resist
The Dainty Dragons
Sun Shower
Opposable Bums
Cannibal Banquet
The Capital Letters
The Ticklish Two
Lesser Men
Mean Streak
The Flying Pigs
Medieval Torture
Loose Lips
Deep Do Do
Shiny Objects
The Glowing Tubes
Rig of Tony
Cardboard Box
Free Dumb
Lord of the Fries
Unprotected Wrecks

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