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Dang Butch, do have a backlog of band names or what?
I feel I've been rather consistent

Disgruntled Underwear
Permanent Switch
Scum of the Earth
Subtle Nuance
Search Party
The Geriatric Delinquents
Dog Pile
Negative Influence
Mouse Trap
Dirty Words
Local Legends
The Circumstances
The Queefs
The Parasites
Parasitic Twins
The Wrinkles
A Little Off
Back Seat
The Dead Bolts
The Two Bit Horse
Sinister Plan
Miss Conception
Lip Service
The Belly Buttons
Urban Camouflage
Night Vision
Loose Screws
Game Face
Santa's Sack
Bastard Child
Shallow Grave
The Artful Dodgers
The Gentle Giants
The Jokes
Total Mess
Bucket of Lunch
Two Hands
The Lucky Dogs
The Able Bodies
The Word
The Artificial Limbs
The Cheap Suits
Major Hassle
Funky Chunk
Molten Lava
High Speed Chaste
The Bloop Bloops
Rear Gear

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