Jane's Hot Beef Injection
The Pimples
Glorious Dump
Depth Perception
Depth Charge
Hand Grenade
Jealous Rage
Crowded Womb
New Sense
Full Contact Chess
The Paws
Attitude Adjustment
Final Breath
Almost Heroes
Fresh Meat
Sensible Shoes
Knees Apart
Arch Enemas
Slammin' Ham
Puppy Mill
Hard Core Kitty Cats
The Sons A Britches
The Snapshots
The Mike Row Phones
Sloppy Seconds
Mystery Date
Yes Means No
Armed & Fabulous
Tragic Flaws
The Alterations
The Creepy Creatures
The Antlers
The Ten Point Bucks
No Pain
Excess Baggage
Fred's Uterus
Psycho Switch

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