Long-time advice from the GP forum is that the name doesn't matter, so don't obsess over it. OTOH I was once told by venue that we were selected for a show because of our name. Or rather that other bands were passed over because their names didn't fit the venue. (Hypothetically imagine the finest restaurant in town hosting Projectile Vomit with opening act Food Poisoning! grin )

Anything But Standard -- a play on the way you perform standards

Raindrops On Roses -- from "My Favo[u]rite Things" (wouldn't be the first time a band swiped a lyric for their name wink )

Funkingham Palace -- a stretch, but could spur better ideas

[Paint The] Town Red -- another stretch, but trying to find something that conveys the mood or setting your music sets

Unforgetable [Fusion] -- and be sure to include the Nat King Cole standard!

The Lived In Project, The Live Eden Project, The La Vida [Jazz|Fusion|Funk] Project -- all plays on the current name