I want to start recording guitar with a Fulltone Tube Tape Echo (modeled after an early Maestro Echoplex) in the chain... How did guys like Page and Gilmour do it? Was it in the chain, or a send/return effect at mixdown?....Did they split the signal for an effected/uneffected that was blended. I have a delayed output and a clean out...should I use both? Should I use 2 amps then? I would love to hear from more experienced engineers...previously I just plugged my guitar into a D/I and relied on modeling for all of my guitar sounds and used different plugs for my effects: nice way to go but I really like the tone I am getting out of a little amplifier as of late....as a matter of fact, I bought an LA 610 channel strip and an Apogee Duet just for recording more stuff with microphones. Any links to good articles on the subject would be cool too.