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EMI was a problem for quite a long time - and the SB16 was just as bad as the rest of SB's stuff during the 90's and early 00's.

But hey, far be it for me to perpetuate an "old wive's tale", if that's what this is.

Sorry, I meant -after- the SB16.

I saw a lot of debate on the 'net about this for years and years, but I never experienced it firsthand, nor do I know anyone else who has. Perhaps this has something to do with the people that I know, the systems that they choose to use, the motherboards and other components they pick, etc. I know that everyone is always trying to save a buck, but I (and those that I know/hang/and corespond with)needed reliable performance in mission-critical situations, so I spent a little more and had a lot fewer headaches and tummy aches.

Depending upon the situation, jitter may be observed in transmission but not recorded.

I'd be a lot more concerned about the sending and receiving chips and the quality of the cable or fibre when it comes to jitter, than any EMI or RF being introduced to the signal through the sound card.

But to tell the truth, I haven't had to worry about jitter or even think about it in over 14 years. This is an interesting exercise in remembering. (hmmm... what was my name again....???) Does anyone know if it is really a factor in any modern sound card setup?


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