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Re: How do you remove a guitar track from a song? vanderSchoot 04/05/20 09:36 AM
Make sure you also record a bone dry feed....ends up sounding much better most of the time..or with just a SUBTLE amount of effects in the post process.
As a keyboard player i never used any reverb live and most effects apart from leslie muddy things up very fast. My experience with some guitarists is that they use to much real tube, to many dedicated effects and to many guitars. While a simple clean strat sound during accompanying parts would sound best most of the time.
Maybe it’s just me ..but boy did i prefer a guitar player with just a couple of sounds to play with and accurate use of volume adjustments during solo and accompanying parts....instead of the ‘each song needs a whole new arsenal of effect settings’..not knowing how a specific venue would react to a specific setting of /user effect chains programmed in another room.
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Re: Corona Virus thread 16251 04/05/20 09:16 AM
One local grocery store in my area is only allowing people to enter from one place. There was a long line waiting to enter. I understand the need, of course, but it doesn't seem too much thought was put into plan. Another store has created one-way aisles. This seems like a better way, since I can create my own social distancing.

Another observation while I was driving in a scenic area were people walking on sidewalk. They were keeping their distance but I wouldn't want to be at the back of such a line even if it's outside. if you're wondering, there is not a mandatory order to stay home so the walkers were not breaking any laws.
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Re: Stimulus - wow Mark Schmieder 04/05/20 08:58 AM
I tried the same thing with my car insurance, as the rates went up by 25% even though this is the six-month mid-term of my annual policy (it's never been raised more than annually) and I pay all at once. The most I could get it down was maybe $25, so even though I'm driving even less than before (maybe 20 miles a month instead of 100 miles or so), I'm kind of screwed due to living adjacent the most dangerous interstate intersection in the country (even though I never use it). And because it's California.

No unemployment checks yet; they're way behind. I can last a few months, but no more than that. If I'm lucky, the quarantine ends no later than August and hopefully as early as mid-May, I'll get my old job back (no guarantees there, as companies won't necessarily throw the switch all the way on right away), and will owe less in taxes next year. :-) I've been afraid to start this year's tax forms yet as I don't know what I'll do if I owe money. But I can't live in denial forever. Maybe I'll start working on them this coming Monday.

In spite of all this complaining, I'm probably in better shape than most, because I so aggressively save for a rainy day. It's just that I was expecting a cushion beyond that, and was shocked when I didn't get one. But I'm not at liberty to talk about it. I just hope other people here aren't in the same boat. Maybe we'll see deflation though, and thus living expenses will go down to partially compensate for economic losses.
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Re: Mics you / I own, what's good? KuruPrionz 04/05/20 06:45 AM
Bumping this back up.

I've now tried the CAD Equitek E100 (2) on a guitar amp and it sounded great there. I didn't spend much time positioning, thinking back a couple of feet with the amp turned up would be smoother and fuller.

Tonight I put the Heil PR40 and the CAD D82 on my acoustic guitar. I aimed the Heil at the 12 fret and the CAD just behind the bridge. A great sound with an abundance of clear, smooth low end. No boom or foggy bass.

I've used the Heil on a cello, it was very good there as well. Full sounding and it smoothed out some bow work a bit.

Neat King Bee is excellent for femaie vocals.

There will be more, this "shelter in place" is an opportunity to get to know my mics.
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Re: Somewhat OT: Staying in or going out? KuruPrionz 04/05/20 06:22 AM
Just hiding out, learning which microphone is good for what.

All of them are good for everything but everything is a lot of stuff.

Hoping to find combinations that fit right together so mixing is easy.

Tonight I tried a Heil PR40 and a CAD D82 ribbon on my Rainsong OM1000 with new strings. Fantastic if acoustic is a main instrument, too much bass if a part player. I can just roll bass off, easy.
I aimed the ribbon just behind the bridge and the Heil at the 12 fret. Sounded like a sweet dreadnaught but without any boom. Best acoustic recording tone I've gotten so far.

Anybody else learning studio tricks?
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Re: Michael McDonald's home studio and solo cassdad 04/05/20 06:06 AM
My Rant re the need to use the "originally recorded key" [u][/u][b][/b]

Yup, he dropped the tunes ½ step and a whole step, respectively. Which is exactly my point! First, we're all getting older, and my opinion is that it is better to preserve the soulfulness and tonal quality of the vocal at a lower key, if needed, than to try to be "true to the original recording". Frankly, I am SO sick and tired of those who believe that "if you can't sing and perform the song in the originally recorded key, then you have no business performing it". Pockycock. BS. I've seen many a performer perform their "hit" song in a lower key than originally recorded. I understand, that for some songs, the "key" does critically change the tonality of the song. But most of the time, if not having heard the song recently in the original key, I'd guess that most would not even notice that the key is lower, and would really appreciate the performer singing in a key which projects the richness and perfect pitch of their voice in the lower key, rather than having to listen to them trying to sing it in the higher original key, and sounding like screaming banshee wolves, their voices cracking and struggling for the right pitch. My 2 cents.
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Re: It’s the end of the world as we know it David Holloway 04/05/20 05:37 AM
And Keith Richards as world president of course
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Re: New Synth Wizards episode - CS 80 repair The Real MC 04/05/20 05:01 AM
Cool video.
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Re: New KC Compilation • Quarantunes, Volume 1 Dave Bryce 04/05/20 04:51 AM
Originally Posted by lightbg
I was wondering if you could insert a little background on my track over at SoundCloud.

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Re: Appear on Kingdom of Rock Podcast? Music With Marky 04/05/20 03:43 AM
I'm not sure I have anything interesting to say re: Covid and the music biz, but I'm happy to chat. I've got some Social Media juice:
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Re: what is your favorite brand for drums? KuruPrionz 04/05/20 03:39 AM
Back in my "lets try everything" days before settling on guitar, I found a Sonor rosewood set at a garage sale for $150.
24" kick, metal snare, matching rosewood rack tom and floor tom. The floor tom was big, don't remember the size.

Those were gorgeous sounding drums, they had thick, laminated shells. The Sonor hi-hat stand was super smooth. I picked up a set of K Zildjian hi-hat cymbals at the swap meet for $35 and i had it goin' ON!!!

I sold everything for $400 about 6 months later. I hate to think what it would be worth now... so it goes. Cheers, Kuru
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Re: iCloud musician issues MoodyBluesKeys 04/05/20 03:35 AM
On the Share Menu in GarageBand, choose Export to Disk. Then choose .mp3 and select the quality of export (you can also export to .wav and a number of other formats). The .band "file" is actually more like a folder containing all of the setup information for the GB project. I am recording audio files using my Mac and GB to be used for online Bible study lessons. Switched to the Mac because all of the DAW applications that I had required way to much learning curve for what needed to be a very quick use. So, I hook up 1 or 2 condenser mics to my Focusrite 18i8, plug in the USB on the mac, open the Focusrite app (which looks like a mixer and check the gain and adjust if needed. Then I use GB to make the recording.
At that point, I save the .mp3 file to either OneDrive or iCloud Files (or Box or Google Drive or Dropbox, all of them work with either Mac or PC), transfer the file to the PC, use VSDC Free Video Editor to import the audio file, then import pictures for the video portion. Now that I've done it a couple of times, it works reasonably quick and easy.
GB is the easiest way I've found to do this in terms of needed learning curve. Every time I hit a snag, a quick Google search would give a useful answer. I used to use Dropbox for a lot of things, even the 2GB or so was enough. But when they went full commercial, I don't need 1TB of storage, especially at about $120 a year. 50GB on iCloud for 99 cents a month is much better. I also have 30GB on OneDrive (sent email while I could to keep the free storage that I already had), 50GB for life on Box, it came with a HP Win 8 tablet that I bought new a few years ago, and the 15GB on Google Drive.
Also easy to use all of those on the iPads. The oldest with OS 9.something is most difficult but I got a free files app for it. The newer IOS versions provide the Files app, and I can then transfer a file into whatever app I need to use with it. I've put some time into getting all this running smoothly, because one of the local specialties that my firm provides is "Making Apple and Microsoft PLAY NICE!" Nice little niche no one else in my area is filling.
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Re: 10k Streams on Spotify Larryz 04/05/20 03:15 AM
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Re: "Banned for Life" - You Make the Call MikeT156 04/05/20 02:07 AM
The on-going dispute with someone that doesn't have a handle on his business wears thin in short order when you know you're getting the run around.

These types of disputes can only be settled the way this went down. No service, no payment. I would not have waited that long to contact the CC company to ask them to reverse the charges. Once you know he was lying, then forgot his last lie, it was time to take action.

A large number of people in our own country are not playing with a full deck, some others are scammers that intentionally take your money and try to get away with it, and others are just petty criminals. Honesty went out the window long ago, the word integrity should be removed from the Dictionary.

Mike T.
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Re: Let's hear it!!! Post your music here! Dave Bryce 04/05/20 01:33 AM
For what it's worth, we're putting together the first KC Compilations project that we've done in years (Quarantunes, Volume 1).

We used to do projects like this all the time - we made fourteen CDs a bunch of years back - but it's been a while since we made a new one.

If anybody wants to add anything to the project, the thread is here.

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Re: Learning Beatles songs Anderton 04/05/20 01:32 AM
Like everyone else of that era, I was totally into the Beatles. One day I sat down and figured out the chord progressions for all of Sgt. Peppers - that was a music education in itself.

I sort of drifted away from listening to them as other forms of music came into the limelight. However, I went and saw the movie "Yesterday" because I'd heard mostly good things about it. What struck me the most about the movie wasn't the need to suspend disbelief entirely (I think going into a parallel universe would have made more sense than a power failure), but that so many songs were done on solo guitar. Without the orchestration, the superb production, the layers of vocals, etc., when the songs were stripped to their essentials it became obvious that their songs were extremely well-crafted and nuanced.

I was never much of a McCartney fan, he seemed like he'd be kind of annoying in person...but reduced to essentials, his songwriting is pretty incredible.

And the Beatles innovated in ways that didn't get a lot of attention. Like "She Loves You" starting with the chorus instead of an intro or verse! I've stolen that approach a few times myself.

I really can see music classes in the future dissecting their songs. There's a lot of "there" there smile
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Re: Bill Withers, 81 zxcvbnm098 04/05/20 01:04 AM
The LA Times obit mentioned that although he didn't really play keys, he bought a Wurly and promptly wrote "Lean On Me".
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New episode of Keyboard Chronicles: Andy Burton David Holloway 04/05/20 12:06 AM
HI all,

Paul and I had the pleasure of spending an hour with Andy Burton, keys players for Little Steven and Cyndi Lauper amongst others such as Rufus Wainwright and John Mayer. Hope you enjoy it!

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Re: Yves Lécuyer - Scaphandrier EP David Holloway 04/05/20 12:03 AM
It's been said already but these sound great and the Elctro on Je Pars sounds superb!
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Re: Rock Keyboard Solo KeyboardEric 04/05/20 12:01 AM
ah Phrygian. Good to know!!! don't worry bout the shaky cam, it was still a great solo!
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Re: Roland V-Combo VR-09 KeyboardEric 04/04/20 11:25 PM
thank you for your efforts. as a VR owner it means a lot!
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Re: Moog EP-3 Expression Pedal opinions/for Kurzweil PC3? Mighty Motif Max 04/04/20 11:19 PM
Originally Posted by sagetunes
Originally Posted by Morizzle
I had one for a short while. Got rid of it quickly. The build quality was very nice, but for me its short throw made it useless. I'm so used to the Yamaha FC-7, I just didn't warm up to it.

This is my experience as well. Perhaps the best one I ever used was a Boss fv500h, but they're 120 bux. Any expression pedal you use on a lot of gigs will fail after a few years. Pound for Pound, the FC7 is the best. 35 bux and a nice long throw, good quality.

I’ve been frequently gigging with my FC7 since May 2016 with zero issues so far. Maybe I’ve just had good luck. I use it exclusively for bringing in layered or split patches, which comprise 90% of my setups. My church has one that’s been used since early 2012 and is still functional. It’s a little sticky/binds up sometimes, but it works. Not bad for being eight years old.
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Re: Tax changes and IRS info from the stimulus package Jazzmammal 04/04/20 10:42 PM
I just got this from the IRS E Alert system:

1. Economic Impact Payments: More information; graphics available to share with clients, others

The Treasury Department and the IRS announced this week that distribution of Economic Impact Payments will begin in the next three weeks and will be distributed automatically, with no action required for most people. More information on these payments, as well as other relief pertaining to COVID-19, will be posted to as it becomes available.

Share information: In addition, the IRS is creating special informational graphics about the Economic Impact Payments that can be shared with your clients or posted on your website. These graphics include details about who qualifies for the $1,200 payments. The first graphic is available at and additional ones will be available soon. Please share these to help taxpayers understand important details about these payments.

2. Scam alert: Schemes related to coronavirus and Economic Impact Payments

The IRS is urging everyone to be on the lookout for calls and email phishing attempts about the coronavirus, or COVID-19. These contacts can lead to tax-related fraud and identity theft. Taxpayers should watch not only for emails but text messages, websites and social media attempts that request money or personal information.

"History has shown that criminals take every opportunity to perpetrate a fraud on unsuspecting victims, especially when a group of people is vulnerable or in a state of need," said IRS Criminal Investigation Chief Don Fort. "While you are waiting to hear about your Economic Impact Payment, criminals are working hard to trick you into getting their hands on it. The IRS Criminal Investigation Division is working hard to find these scammers and shut them down, but in the meantime, we ask people to remain vigilant."

For some reason when I copy/paste from these emails the links don't show as active but you should be able to copy them into your browser if you want to see more info. The last thing concerning scammers is very important, those **(%^#! never stop.

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Re: Kronos Forum login nightmare GregC 04/04/20 10:35 PM
I post there daily. Messages are confusing.

I get the same 'warning ' message but I am logged in, despite the 'warning'.

There are a few other issues, such as very slow connection. Korg has been notified
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Re: Audio Interface Roll Call Greg Mein 04/04/20 10:26 PM
Originally Posted by Anderton
an internal battery that keeps presets alive, that kind of thing.

Every six months or so my ancient microwave oven's keypad stops functioning. I take it apart, reseat a ribbon connector, close it back up, and it works for another six months smile

I had it opened up, looked around for any burnt stuff and fiddled with the couple of cables in there. I looked for any type of battery as was a common problem with the midi timepiece units but didn't see one or see any info about that on searches. Without a display or computer comm there's no ability to try firmware updates, master resets or any "high level" troubleshooting and I suspect a power supply issue. This is the same thing I do on a daily basis but without schematics and parts layout I'm not likely to get anywhere on a unit with this kind of part count.

I started a tech link at motu yesterday but don't expect to hear back over the weekend. A couple years ago when a firewire port on my 828mk3 died there was a $99 flat fee to send it in and I imagine that's what I'll need to do with this one. I actually bought this one when I sent the other in because it seemed like a good time to start using my MBP with thunderbolt.
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