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Re: Super light 2-board rigs AnotherScott 07/05/20 10:55 PM
Originally Posted by mate stubb
Combined with an organ engine, the PX-5S can be set up to have its 8 sliders send midi CC (properly increasing as you pull.)
6 sliders, but yes, and also 4 knobs. So that becomes a potential way to control an organ sound even if you pick a top board without drawbars, i.e. if you get your organ sound from an iPad or whatever. It gets a little more complicated if you want to manipulate the drawbars from the PX5S but play the organ sound from your non-hammer action above. (Admittedly, this is a different application that what you posted about where you were using the PX5S as a lower manual.)
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Re: Home Studio Workout with Springsteen SamuelBLupowitz 07/05/20 10:44 PM
Originally Posted by David R
Sounds great, Sam! Nice mix too. What's the harpejji like iPad app?
Thank you! I’m trying to get good enough at mixing that at least the mix isn’t bad enough to get your attention, so I very much appreciate the positive feedback.

The app is the hilariously-named Geoshred, which is Jordan Rudess’s app (hence the very Rock with a capital R name, and preponderance of over-the-top shreddy lead sounds). Fellow forumite Dr. Mike Metlay has pointed out, however, that it’s really just a great plucked string modeling synthesis app, and is quite useful for non-shredding purposes. Normally I pair it with my Seaboard, but I found that for the picking pattern the tuning was way too sensitive, so I just did it on the “fretboard” and was quite pleased with it as a substitute for an actual acoustic twelve-string.

Originally Posted by Joe Muscara
Nice, Sam! And you guys seem to have more music biographies than my local bookstore. 2thu
Yeah it’s possible I’ve accumulated a few over the years. It’s also possible my wife had a visceral reaction when I mentioned how glad I would be to finally have room for all the other ones that have been at my parents’ house all these years...
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Re: OK, the Corona Virus Isn't Going Away. Now What? Notes_Norton 07/05/20 10:36 PM
I suggest we all err on the side of caution and put the masks on. Really, they are no big deal. It's a piece of cloth that doesn't hurt. Plus it keeps those invasive facial recognition cameras from logging your movements. grin

The likelihood of our house catching fire is slight, but we buy insurance.

The likelihood of getting hit by lightning is slight, but we seek shelter during violent storms.

The likelihood of needing a gun to defend yourself is slight, but millions buy them anyway.

I could go on.

There are plenty of things that cause us to choose to err on the side of caution. Shouldn't death or even more likely permanent brain, heart, lung, kidney and/or other major organ damage be one of them?

Plus in the event that a person is an asymptomatic carrier and likely to cause death or damage to others he/she passes in the street, isn't it the civil thing to do to wear a mask?

It shouldn't be a political thing and we shouldn't be taking advice from politicians or religious leaders about this, but the peer-reviewed, published, scientists, and they recommend masks almost unanimously.

Insights and incites by Notes
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Re: The ultimate single-board gig rig: 2 contrasting manuals AnotherScott 07/05/20 10:22 PM
Originally Posted by confidence
So it's the internal zones that will matter. I won't actually need to send MIDI out of this board.
Ah. So that's quite different from "I was actually hoping for more than two MIDI zones." -- MIDI zones refers to sending MIDI out. You want to be able to split/layer more than two internal sounds... that's generally easier. There are more boards that can split/layer 3 internal sounds than there are ones that can split/layer three external ones. But now we get to the next part...

Originally Posted by confidence
What I will need to do is send MIDI in to it, and I'm not entirely clear how that will interact with the zone architecture.
A board's MIDI zoning functions are basically irrelevant for MIDI in. What you need to be concerned with instead is a board's multitimbral capabilities, i.e. the ability to put each sounds on its own MIDI channel. A board may be able to split/layer multiple internal sounds, but if you can't put them on separate MIDI channels, that won't be so useful from a MIDI In perspective (more about that in the next section). Similarly, you can run into the opposite situation, e.g. a board that lets you put 16 sounds on 16 channels to be driven over MIDI, yet do not let you split/layer 16 sounds over a board's own keys. So these are really three completely different things:

...the ability to split/layer some number of internal sounds (we'll just call that the split/layer function)
...the ability to split/layer some number of external sounds (those are the MIDI zones)
...the ability for an external device to access multiple sounds in the board via different MIDI channels (that's the multitimbral function)

and whatever a board does for one of those three things may have little to no bearing on how it handles the other two.

The divisions between those functions not necessarily always so completely cut and dried, but conceptually, I think that's a good starting point.

Originally Posted by confidence
if you've set up a bunch of zones defined by split points, are MIDI note-on messages received from another device just assigned to those same zones according to their pitch? Or can you have a separate zone or two activated just by data entering the MIDI in, that doesn't affect the zones of the local keyboard itself?
Usually the latter. However, there are also boards that do the former, or give you the option of doing things either way. But that first method (essentially putting a series of split/layered sounds on the same MIDI channel) is generally not so useful, i.e. having an external board/device triggering the exact same sounds over the exact same keys where you're playing them. Usually, the point of driving some of your sounds externally is for them to do something different from what you're doing on the main board, rather than to essentially duplicate it.

Originally Posted by confidence
I'm not sure about Kurzweil. One of the units in my rack is actually a Kurzweil PC2-R, with the optional orchestral ROM installed. It's got some nice EPs and strings, and the KB3 organ is meaty and usable, but would be rendered largely redundant as I'm looking to get a Hammond clone for my other board. But I find much of the orchestral, brass stuff etc. really lame - even that on the orchestral ROM. I understand that when the PC3 came out, its orchestral sound set was basically derived from that. There was a lot of hype about it. Maybe it's been tweaked and updated to sound better
I believe the orchestral sounds of the PC3 did come from the orchestral ROM of the PC2, but maybe someone else can update. The real update for the horns (and some other non-orchestral stuff) came later, with the Kore64 upgrade (standard in PC3A/PC3K and later boards including Forte). Forte has additional updated sounds, but as far as the orchestral department goes, I think only orchestral percussion.

I think this is the first post where you talked about what sounds you care about the board having. Now that you've said you want strong orchestral sounds, I think that eliminates the Dexibell. Yamaha orchestral sounds are usually pretty good, but the CP73 doesn't have a whole lot of them. Kronos might well be your board of choice. Grandstage is just a small subset of a Kronos. in both sound and functionality. Its appeal over a Kronos is its simplicity and smaller/lighter form factor, but I suspect you may run into too many walls. Forte could also be a possibility, if you feel it offers enough sonic improvement over your PC2R, which in part depends on what sounds you're talking about.
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Re: OT: Do you ever write nothing, and then Send it? El Lobo 07/05/20 10:20 PM
I got nothing
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Re: Bookings are coming in! Josh Paxton 07/05/20 10:10 PM
I've played three gigs in the past two days – two solo, and one duo with a singer. Solo shows were outdoors, distanced and lovely. Duo show was an indoor party with a small crowd that, much to my dismay, were all unmasked. The crowd-to-room-size ratio, the fact that they were all distanced from me if not each other, and the fact that I was right under a ceiling fan made it less worrisome than it might have been. But it made me realize that my eagerness to do a gig for real people had caused me to let me guard down and not vet the circumstances the way I should have. That won't happen again.
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Re: Some having success with SoundJack Dr Mike Metlay 07/05/20 10:06 PM
Ye canna beat th' laws o' physics, Jim!

I think that the best case scenario that they put in the videos will always be way better than real world results, but that's just me being cynical.

In my case it's not that useful, as most of my favorite jamming partners are well outside a 15 mile range... like, WELL outside... like, northern England....
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Re: Which iOS apps do you want to see on macOS? (and vice versa) Dr Mike Metlay 07/05/20 09:59 PM
I, on the other hand, would love a port of Live to iOS, at least the Studio View where you can organize clips in a grid and launch them in a time-reliable fashion. That's the one thing iOS still doesn't have.

With the eventual convergence of iOS and macOS machines, this will become more and more of a real thing as time goes on. I for one would be very curious.

Also, I am still holding out for an update of the original Alchemy Mobile, but hey, what can you do? smile
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Re: Blokas MIDI Hub Dr Mike Metlay 07/05/20 09:56 PM
Originally Posted by Tom Williams
Looks like a winner -- nice input count, versatile processing treatments, good price range.

Decades ago I bought an MX-8 from Digital Music Corp with similar features -- and all on an two rows of 16 characters!

For me, the usefulness of a MIDI processor is inversely proportional to the usefulness of the MIDI controller(s) going in -- If the controller is sufficiently versatile, the processing is less important than routing / merging. (One exception: smart data filtering, e.g., stemming off a flood of aftertouch CC's.)

Agree. This is what made the Opcode Studio 4 and Studio 5LX so amazing. I should find a good home for mine, and the OS9 Mac you need to program it smile
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Re: Using REW (Room EQ Wizard) to Measure and Treat Room KuruPrionz 07/05/20 09:55 PM
I haven't used REW. Can it find flutter echoes or will they just show up as frequency anomalies?

Something I've done for various reasons is walk around a room and clap my hands. It will sound different in different parts of most rooms. That won't cost you anything and you may learn some valuable things.

I had a flutter echo that I on\ly found when a friend inadvertantly stepped into a particular spot while talking. I asked him to walk back and forth in that area while speaking, it was a pretty precise location that caused the blurring sound. I hung a quilt along what seemed to be the "line" that the echo followed and it went away.

Do you read Tape Op? There are quite a few vendors advertising sound treatment, many of them offer free consultation services as a means to sell you an appropriate package for your room.
There are probably DIY room treatment blogs online as well. worth a look anyway.

As always, Mike Rivers advice and links above will be useful.
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Re: Knifonium VST xKnuckles 07/05/20 09:55 PM
Can it be tuned? Sounds a bit sharp to me...
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Re: Audio output from iOS devices, easy and otherwise Dr Mike Metlay 07/05/20 09:53 PM
Originally Posted by GovernorSilver
Originally Posted by Dr Mike Metlay
The concept of using a Digitone as an iOS dongle tickles me for some reason. You can please the iPad geeks and the Elektron cultists in the audience at the same time!

As an Octatrack-carrying member of the cult I approve of this message.

Seriously though my GAS for Digitone was reignited by this latest news. iOS device + Digitone is a nice compact rig that will work for some folks.

Some folks who have been looking for a way to integrate IOS apps into their hardware synth/sampler signal chain went with mixers that double as USB audio interfaces with support for 2 or more channels, like the Soundcraft MTK series or KMI KMix. Mixers such as those might still be the best choice for some. But those who want a minimalist setup and are already Elektron fans are all about this Digitone update of course.

This pedal has been on the market for the guitarist crowd for a while but I haven't seen much mention of it among my fellow cultists:

I can't tell, is that box mono?

Also: the K-Mix, like many KMI products, looks great on paper... and it sounds very good!... but I find the touch-surface controls to be a bit anxiety-inducing at times. I got rid of mine, but YMMV.
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Re: Apple moves from Intel to ARM and from macOS X to macOS 11 Joe Muscara 07/05/20 09:45 PM
Originally Posted by Dr Mike Metlay
(PS. On a curious about trivia note: has there been official word that Big Sur will in fact be called OS 11 rather than OS 10.16?)
Yes. It's in the screenshots from the Keynote, and it was discussed in the Daring Fireball/Talk Show episode with Craig Federighi and Greg Jozwiak. Apple feels it's a big enough change both in the interface and the support for Apple Silicon to move away from "ten."

BTW, in a thread on the Universal Audio forums, Drew from UA and some users have said they've installed and run UA stuff on Big Sur including TB3 hardware such as Apollo interfaces and it works with some minor interface glitches at most. This isn't an official, thoroughly-tested confirmation from UA, just a quick look to see if it seems to work and it apparently does.
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Re: I Played a Gig Yesterday El Lobo 07/05/20 09:40 PM
Originally Posted by BbAltered
I am not the only one in the band who is thinking "this isn't good for the band, or the people we play to". It seems to me the band is a sort of what lawyers call an "attractive nuisance".
That's one of the reasons my main band cancelled on a 4th of July gig. It was outdoors on a big stage. But we were told it was a secret, not to tell anybody, play at a low volume so as not to draw a crowd, etc. I said we could do that best by staying home. In addition to the risks to band members and to any people who might find us there, the goal of not having an audience was making my Absurdity warning light flash.
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Re: Who's tried the Skulpt synth? Dr Mike Metlay 07/05/20 09:37 PM
Dead brilliant but a little tricky to use from the front panel, simply don't have room for it in my studio at the moment.

The Kickstarter campaign discount wasn't that great, I doubt I could get what I put into it when selling it used, so I wait and hope... the Argon8 has MPE now, so perhaps the Skulpt will get it eventually. They hinted at this some time ago.
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Re: OT 2020 Formula 1 Season Joe Muscara 07/05/20 09:35 PM
It was mentioned during one of the practice sessions that there was a protest last year about Ferrari's engines, and at that point Ferrari dropped off. The FIA and Ferrari made an agreement, the terms of which we don't know, nor do we know what the "issue" with the engine was, but if that's the case, clearly they still haven't gotten the engine performance back. Hopefully they will, but you'd think with all this extra time, they would have by now.

Seb looked like Seb. It just seems like he's been trying too hard for the past few years. I think he needs some mental training to get back to the right state of mind.

I'm always happy to see Lewis' teammate win. No disrespect to Lewis, but the other guy has the same car so he should be able to win a few too.

I don't think there have been that many retirements in a dry F1 race in forever.
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Re: Sale Price on OSX Audio Editor TS2 Dr Mike Metlay 07/05/20 09:33 PM
Just bought TS 2 for the $29 deal. Will report back on how it works for me.
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Re: Classic sounds with modern faces... KuruPrionz 07/05/20 09:29 PM
Originally Posted by Anderton
Another issue to me is I really don't need gorgeous GUIs. I mean, they're nice and inspiring as eye candy, but when something with three knobs and a meter takes up half the screen, I'm just not sure it's worth the space.

I don't mind if they make it look nice but it should be compact (or offer many options in a smaller space).

Both of the Lexicon plugins I added recently (Physion and Micro-Pitch) have several simple sections with useful and different functions. Lots of options and not a lot of wasted space. I do like that concept if it's done well. As I get more familiar with them I have have a feeling some other plugins are going to be ignored and evetually tossed, it's convenient to be able to create so many variations with a single screen.
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Re: Bluetooth wirless ear buds advice Joe Muscara 07/05/20 09:23 PM
I don't know if I agree with all this (though I have never used the Pro), but you might find the comparison useful and interesting. When I'm ready to buy Pro, I'll reread this and see what I think.

AirPods Versus AirPods Pro: Apple’s Earbuds Go Head-to-Head

Personally, I've had AirPods almost as long as they've been available, I use them while running, and have never had them fall out except when I actually hit them with my hand (twice in however many years, I think). I even took a fall once that shattered my Apple Watch, but the AirPods stayed in my ears.
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Re: (2) Lounsberry Tall & Fat Pedals Stale 07/05/20 09:13 PM
One is Sold. Still have one left $130.00 plus Shipping.
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Re: Anyone tried BandLab yet? Dr Mike Metlay 07/05/20 09:12 PM
Originally Posted by stoken6
It's like using DropBox.

I've registered my muso colleagues into a "band" and they all have edit-access to a "project", where they can add tracks etc.

One thing to watch for: Bandlab maintains "transactional consistency" not by locking multiple users out of simultaneous edit access, but by creating forks of the project. It would be nice to be informed that someone else has the project open.

Cheers, Mike.

Actually, the fork structure, which is very nicely represented graphically, is one of BandLab's strong points. Each node on the tree can be labeled and commented upon.

They don't limit you to working solely within their DAW with their sounds any more, do they?
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Re: OT: Do you ever write a response, but not Send it? Dr Mike Metlay 07/05/20 09:03 PM
Originally Posted by stoken6
Yes, at work, if delivering a controversial message.

I repeatedly tell my wife: draft the email, don't fill in names in the "to" box, sleep on it, and if you still agree with it in the morning, THEN you can send it.

Cheers, Mike

I made the mistake of addressing one of these and putting it in my inbox with no Send order on it. Ten years later, I accidentally sent it to a forum, and had to weather the results. It was, by the standards of the much more polite online persona I developed working at the magazine, a truly epic shitpost, and I still shudder to think of it.

My own experiences on MPN have been universally excellent, which is why I love this community so much. In all my time here, I have ever only run across one thread, ever, that had negative or inflammatory content; it happened over 10 years ago and I don't even see the people involved in it posting here any more.

How do I know about it? Because the person who was attacked contacted me externally and asked me to revive the thread and scold the attackers. It was actually deleted from the forum entirely, but this person found it on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine and linked me to it there.

Stuff on the Internet never goes away; that's a good tenet to keep in mind in addition to the above. The other thing that never really goes away is hurting someone.
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Re: Partially OT: small portable amplifier RandyFF 07/05/20 09:02 PM
As far as BT speakers, I've used a KMC 3 for several years that has a 5 1/4" woofer and 2 " tweeters, stereo sound, lots of bass and volume for a smallish speaker, aux in, sounds really good, and can run off of D batteries as needed. No longer sold, I've seen them on ebay for $100-$150
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Re: DPs + Acoustic Action - Hybrids mate stubb 07/05/20 08:57 PM
Hmmm. I like to build stuff...
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I would call this an amazing B3 deal Rustar 07/05/20 08:52 PM
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