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Re: new Vox Continental - Some thoughts Fleer 11/11/19 10:17 PM
That’s 208 for ya, A/Scott, and at half the price of a GrandStage wink
Seriously, it’s the GUI tweaking capacity and the waterfall keyboard that sets the Conti apart.
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Re: New Keyboard Advice Stefan Ioan 11/11/19 10:08 PM
I did like the Roland VR09 but you are right in saying that I'm looking for more than 61 keys. This is mainly to avoid "runing out of keys" even if I know that a 61 keys board will be fine 80% of the time (a very wise man once told me here on this forum that "while you can always add more sounds (using midi), you can't add more keys").

Losing a lot of money is something that I wish to avoid but since this is a hobby/passion, I only spend money when I feel like I need something more (and when I have them). I also like to think that I'll enjoy learning all I can about any keyboard and finding all I can do with it.

The Casio S3000 looks interesting but weighted/hammer action is not what I'm looking for right now due to weight (it adds at least 3kg) and I want to keep things portable... I know it is a trade-off but I've seen a few 88-key hammer action midi controllers around that I could add in the future if I feel the need for that type of thing (the Studiologic SL88 Studio seems an interesting choice if I wish to explore this). A friend of mine also told me that he wants to give me his M-Audio Keystation Pro 88 - very heavy master keyboard but should be great to learn on.

I'm very new to organs and drawbars. Drawbars are nice to have but I don't feel like I need them for now smile (what I really need is more practice smile )
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Re: Prominent frontmen that are keyboardists CowboyNQ 11/11/19 10:08 PM
Eddie van Halen. Can he be considered a frontman?
Elvis Presley. He was IN a band.
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Re: Joe Sample was so soulful. rockinredeye 11/11/19 10:07 PM
Once, when it was my turn to put a song on our song list, I chose Put It Where You Want It. We played the music like the Crusaders but also sang the words from the AWB version. I believe Mr. Sample wrote the words, too. Two guitars did the horn licks and I had a wah-wah on my EP sound because Larry Carlton used one. It stayed on the list until it was voted down two years later by everyone but me! But it was fun to play it for a while. Genius voicing for the EP and what a great bass line. By the way, my bandmates and I are almost all in our late 60s or have reached 70 and we play mostly 60s & 70s rock/pop and some country, so it was a slightly weird fit. RIP Joe.
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Re: Will Computer-Based Recording Become a Blip? RABid 11/11/19 09:48 PM
One reason that the spread of optical has slowed to nothing is the government’s push for landline providers to convert everyone to a wireless delivery system, voice and data. It took me 5 years to get an optical line at our office were we have our servers. The first three years I was told that it would never happen because the repercussions of violating the initiative were too big. Years ago SAMSHA forced medical providers to ask all clients if they are feeling pain and if they need medication for that pain. You don’t ask the question, you don’t get to bill services to Medicare or Medicaid. Experts now see this as the spark that ignited the boom in prescription addiction. Techs that know what is happening with the initiative to get rid of landlines for voice and data see the same type of disaster. Data transfer needs are booming and the available frequencies for wireless cannot handle the load. As a country we are falling further behind in data transfer infrastructure. Ironically this is a bit of a boom for TV cable providers. In my area people are going back to cable because they provide better internet service. At my house I am limited to a 10 MB line and get about 7. Cable offers 100 MB in the area. Too bad they will not run it to my house because they don't want to deal with the subdivision rules of putting everything underground. Right now they are getting enough new business that they can focus on the easy to access areas.
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Re: When MIDI was the First File format of the Internet Notes_Norton 11/11/19 09:06 PM
And after the Bulletin Boards there was Usnet Newsgroups. They are still there, but mostly populated with spam now.

MIDI is nice because it isn't a compressed audio format, but instead digital gesture information from a MIDI controller like a keyboard or wind synth. If you play a wrong note, you can change it. If you think that guitar sound would be better more like a tele than a les paul, you can change it. If you think the gated snare would sound better as a regular snare, you can change it. If you think that piano part would sound better as a Clav or Rhodes, you can change it. If you think a part would sound better an octave higher you can change it with no artifacts. And this just scratches the surface of what you can do with MIDI that you cannot do with either compressed or uncompressed audio.

Insights and incites by Notes
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Re: Weird guitarist technique? CEB 11/11/19 08:55 PM
Reeves Gabrels playing guitar with a vibrating dildo in Tin Machine.
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Re: MINIRIG 3 speakers Joe Muscara 11/11/19 08:28 PM
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Re: Yamaha CP88 and 73 - Deserve their own thread stoken6 11/11/19 07:46 PM
I don't agree but I still like it :woot:

Cheers, Mike
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Re: It's sample accurate ? Anderton 11/11/19 07:46 PM
Could the difference between files be something as simple as header or other information that has nothing to do with the audio integrity?
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Re: Cool Italian Tele Music With Marky 11/11/19 07:18 PM
Originally Posted by skipclone 1
This is not my thing, but I ran across Paoletti guitars a few years ago at a music show-they make a stunning Strat copy,
I have it on a flyer I picked up at the show. It's something like this one-ironic that it's signed by John Norum of Europe.
A friend of mine from Sweden, who I just missed last week while he was visiting here-we couldn't arrange schedules-is the son
of the guy who first discovered and promoted that band.

Yeah that one is way less out there than the style I got. If it sounds or plays anything like mine, I'm sure it's a beast.
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massive sounds for filmsoundtracks: symphobia 4: pandora dr walker 11/11/19 07:13 PM

this sounds great - if you are into moviesoundtracks.....

here the info on the NI website: CL1CKKKKK!!!1!
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Re: new rig daydreaming - recommendations? AnotherScott 11/11/19 07:02 PM
Originally Posted by stoken6
Personally, if I've got that much firepower in a board, I'd want it upstairs where I can easily reach all the controls.

The choice of keyboard stand can make a big difference here, With a stand like my oft-mentioned K&M 18880 with the top tier arms flipped backwards, or the old Invisible stands, you can easily access all your bottom board's controls.

As a related aside, I prefer shallow bottom boards because I like to keep the keys of the two boards close together, but it's not a deal-breaker, and at the moment I've sacrificed that to put a PC4 on bottom. I actually considered using PC4 on top and putting a shallow non-hammer board on bottom, but the height of the PC4 chassis (i.e. from bottom of chassis to top of keys) created a significant distance between the two keybeds anyway, just in a different direction, I still wasn't close to the "two manual Hammond" kind of feel, so it didn't buy me any real benefit, it merely greatly restricted my choice of second boards!

As for how far back you have to put a second board over a PC4 witout obstructing access to its controls, a nice surprise benefit of the PC4 is that it's control panel is not particularly deep. Of course, it's not super small like a Privia, but among boards with more extensive control surfaces, the PC4 only requires about 5 1/2" accessible between the back of the keys and the rear-most controls. Not only is this far less than many other hammer action boards, it's actually even noticeably less than numerous NON-hammer boards, including the Artis 7, Nords Stage 3-73, Kronos 61, MODX6/7.

As an aside... some people have suggested pairs of boards where neither has a hammer action. That certainly can keep the weight minimal, but my impression is that may be a bridge too far for the OP, who wants to change in part because of dissatisfaction even with the hammer action he has. But if that's a possibility, yeah, there are some other ways to go...
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Re: StagePAS 400 and 600 Wastrel 11/11/19 06:51 PM
I had a StagePas 300 for a few years and it sounded great for keys at moderate volumes. Cranking it past a certain point though caused it to distort pretty badly.
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Re: Which waterfall controller? davinwv 11/11/19 06:42 PM
I use the Studiologic Numa Organ 2 as a waterfall MIDI controller. I have owned it for years and probably have only used the internal organ sound engine once or twice. One little quirk is that only a limited number of its controls output MIDI CC data over USB, but just about all of the controls output MIDI CC data over the MIDI OUT DIN. I have used it with VB3, AcousticSamples B5, and now IK Multimedia's B-3X. It works and feels great, and has all of the controls you'll ever need in a single manual organ controller!
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Re: Ebay guitar for charity from Lok Caevan O'Shite 11/11/19 06:08 PM
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Re: Digital Synths vs Virtual Instruments - Lets Fight! KuruPrionz 11/11/19 05:48 PM
Originally Posted by Markyboard
I guess the thing that annoys me with any of these decisions is the take sides mentality when there's really none to take. I quoted your response but please know this comment does not reflect on anything you stated. Thanks for sharing your perspective.

One quiet evening this week, I will go down to our 40 parking space underground garage with the small cream carton that is now empty.

The lush echoes/reverb down there is wonderful but we are near a freeway so I need a quiet time.

I will set up my Tascam DR-40 with the mics turned wide, on a tripod. 24 bit 96khz, recording on, meters set high.

I will place the carton (similar to the ones we were given at lunch time in school) on the floor and stomp on it.

That will become a snare drum sample.

There are no sides, there is only stuff we like to do (and hear).
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Re: For the DIY synth geeks mate stubb 11/11/19 05:44 PM
That boy is daft. freak facepalm wacko clap
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Re: So, this new Lowdown Seamy ALB 11/11/19 04:55 PM
I'm glad to have stumbled back here!! Yeah!!
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Still Here Seamy ALB 11/11/19 04:54 PM
Well Folks,

Did a random search and found the forum still here!!

I thought it had been subsumed. I hope you are all doing well!!


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Re: What To Do When You Write Movie Themes But Not Underscore? nursers 11/11/19 04:02 PM
Thanks for the tip Joe!
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Re: SFX 101 Winston Psmith 11/11/19 02:42 PM
Originally Posted by Dannyalcatraz
Right- seen those- just not anything like THAT in a guitar context.

But if your technique yields a similar effect? thu

Different Pitch-Shift devices will give you somewhat different response, but you should be able to dial in a sound that's very close. Hit a harmonic on the Guitar neck, for a more bell-like tone, to start off the effect.

Couple of additional thoughts - With Dual Pitch Shift effects, you don't have to use your Dry signal as the Root/Tonic. Depending on the range of your Pitch Shifter, you can have Pitch-shifted tones in intervals both above and below your Dry Input signal, triggering wider potential Chord voicings.

Another, slightly crazier trick with Dual Pitch-Shifting is to have Barber-Pole Flanging or Cascade Pitch Shifting going in different directions, both ascending and descending. It's much harder to set up this effect so it's Musically coherent, but it's a fun sound to experiment with.
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Re: Moog One. The Polyphonic. Marzzz 11/11/19 02:25 PM
Yeah, I literally had a dream last night that I was at NAMM and trying to order a One from a dealer (?) on the floor- but then I woke up and again realized that they hadn't implemented polyAT over MIDI yet!

freak wacko

Probably in a year or so (roadmap depending) I will pull the trigger, but a lot can/will happen over that time.
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Re: What to bring to songwriting sessions? stoken6 11/11/19 01:30 PM
Dan - it seems like you're asking "what equipment to bring". Lots of replies on this thread relate to "what mindset to bring" to songwriting rehearsals, and there's plenty of good advice there.

On equipment specifically: I'm not clear whether you want to be able to focus on the actual writing ("music+lyrics" or these days "beats+hooks"), or more on the sound design ("yeah, but more distorted - and can you throw a delay on it?"). If the latter, your Kronos covers a lot of bases, but I don't know how quickly you can throw together a new patch on it. Something like the new Jupiter XM might fit well as an alternative, as it has strong knobby-synth capabilities alongside ROMpler. If the former, then I would have thought Kronos on its own would be sufficient.

Finally, it can't be convenient to bring two JBL studio monitors surely. Mono would do, and from memory you have a QSC? If that's too heavy, bring one JBL, or preferably something with a handle/carrying strap.

Cheers, Mike.
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Re: Semi OT: Free Hammond M3 WesG 11/11/19 11:44 AM
Nice! You got a reverb speaker and like an AO-35. That's not 100% "all stock", that was a dealer upgrade to help the old-stock organs compete with the new M100s.
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