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Vinnie Moore Preview GuardiansGuitar 09/18/19 07:58 PM
If you dig Vinnie Moore's brilliant guitar playing, he just gave Guardians of Guitar a nice little sneak peek of his upcoming album SOUL SHIFTER (due October 9).

Check it out here:

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Re: 24-Track analog to digital transfers Dave Bryce 09/18/19 07:47 PM
Pat!!! wave

Great to see you, my brother - congrats on the recent life change! We fixed the place up some recently - how's it look? Dr. Anderton's forum is active again, too. cool

I don't know the answer to your question, but I may know one or two guys who can help. I'll check.

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Re: "If you could only keep one of your guitars..." surfergirl 09/18/19 07:47 PM
That is easy for me, my crimson Fender Deluxe Player Stratocaster. The only other guitars I have are a Squier and a mini Squier.
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Re: Ken Burns' Country Music El Lobo 09/18/19 07:42 PM
Originally Posted by Synthaholic
Whenever I hear of a new Ken Burns doc my mind immediately turns to “I wonder what he will leave out/neglect to include?” For this one, I’m betting he doesn’t mention Hank Thompson, whom the public seems to have collective amnesia over.

Originally Posted by El Lobo
I remember Hank Thompson. He's best known for the song "The Wild Side Of Life." Even better known is Kitty Wells' answer song, "It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels." Country classics.

He mentioned Hank Thompson in episode 3 and "Wild Side Of Life" and Kitty Wells' answer song, "It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels." It was Kitty Wells' first hit. It made her the first female country singer to top the U.S. country charts, and turned her into the first female country superstar. To the documentarian's credit, it also mentioned that the melody of both Wild Side and It Wasn't God was taken from the earlier Carter family song "I’m Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes." I had figured that out myself while listening to episode 2 and I was pleased to see it acknowledged when they mentioned Hank Thompson and Kitty Wells' recordings.
I’m Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes
Wild Side Of Life
It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels
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Re: Food for thought. Bobadohshe 09/18/19 07:08 PM
I agree with this. But there is something to be said for what an incredible piano tone and feel does for your inspiration and thus your playing. There is a emotional component there that shouldn't be ignored
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Re: Leslie Preamp pedals WesG 09/18/19 05:04 PM
PigMeat - yes, order from the website.

If you're ever near Kingston, ON, you can try mine.
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Re: Dig My Rig--Let's see your setup! Outkaster 09/18/19 05:04 PM
Originally Posted by samuelblupowitz
I just want to say this is my favorite thread on this forum. It's not the most informative, and occasionally it's financially dangerous, but I just love it.

Occasionally financially dangerous? Always dangerous LOL
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Re: Country Music Live At The Rhyman (Ken Burns hosted) desertbluesman 09/18/19 04:19 PM
I have been watching the Ken Burns Country Music series on PBS every night so far. Some of it is a bit boring and repetitive. Most of it is already known to me, but there are some moments that surprised me a big bunch. Like how Chet Atkins got started in country music. It was actually the Carters that hired him before he was well known, and he played in their band for a while. The Grand Old Opry did not want the Carters to bring him to the Ryhman, and they upped the offer three times, yet the Carters refused to play unless they could include him, which the Opry folks finally did.
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Re: To Grand or not to Grand... mate stubb 09/18/19 04:13 PM
Originally Posted by Sam CA
It cost me ........................drum roll............................................................ $17k.

Wow, I shouldn't have read that! Gets the wheels turning.
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Re: MIDI Manufacturers Association proposes mini-jack TRS std Toano88 09/18/19 04:06 PM
I have an Akai sampler that uses the same 1/8” TRS, luckily they provided the adapter cables.
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Re: MIDI 2.0 - Do You Care? Anderton 09/18/19 04:01 PM
Probably the most important aspect of MIDI 2.0 is that it's bi-directional - it can have a "conversation" with other MIDI devices, not just a monologue. This means MIDI 2.0 gear will know what other MIDI gear does (even MIDI 1.0 - the MIDI 2.0 gear will know it needs to converse in "MIDI 1.0"), and the gear can agree on what features they share. This is what allows for auto-configuration in a MIDI 2.0 system.

I don't know when the high-resolution aspects will roll out, but I think that's a big deal in terms of expressiveness.
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Re: The Yaybahar by Görkem Şen p90jr 09/18/19 03:49 PM
Originally Posted by Scott Fraser
The instrument is kind of a one trick pony, but the dude's pad is unbelievably bitchen.


I keep trying to convince the wife that we should move to Greece when we retire, on the coast a little bit outside of a big city, let the exchange rate work in our favor as far as the retirement checks... hop on the Eurail and see as much of Europe as we want when we feel like it. I'll wear her down...
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Re: OT: Never to be seen again . . . PrairieGuy 09/18/19 03:39 PM
John Fogerty isn't CCR but he was the heart and soul of the band...he wrote most of the songs (wrote all the good ones), was the lead vocalist and the lead guitarist, so I'd pay to see John Fogerty before spending a dime to see the other members of CCR.

I saw Pink Floyd many years ago...they had everyone except Roger Waters. So they were missing one key member but had 3/4 of the other members.
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Re: Digitech Sdrum & jamsync? p90jr 09/18/19 03:31 PM
this reminds me that I bought one of these, too... I guess it's on a shelf somewhere... didn't have time even open it when it came in...
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Re: Turbosound ip300? Toano88 09/18/19 03:23 PM
Bill - I never got that to work with sound but the app would control both. With the bluetooth, you can slave one to the other. Which I believe is how it works when they are linked with a cable. Frankly, I never tried linking them with a cable. When I tried the app, it would control both speakers levels if I went through the master /slave setup. But when I tried playing music, the sound only came out of the master speaker. I think the app is much better suited to musician who just wants to plug a guitar and a mic into a single speaker and maybe wants to play backing tracks from a phone or iPad too. Which is kind of stupid since the mixer doesn't have reverb, compression or any other effect one might need. I also have never tried any of these on the ip300s, I keep all this gear in storage when not on a gig and I haven't had them very long.
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Re: What's in your ears? p90jr 09/18/19 03:23 PM
Elliot Easton is a treasure. I have that DVD somewhere...
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Re: Repair parts numbers - Yamaha & Hammond Outkaster 09/18/19 03:21 PM
Originally Posted by CEB
I don’t know about Hammond anymore. I was insanely loyal due to their support. You used to be able to call Ray and get situated quickly. It seems things have changed. Last time I needed parts I was told to contact Bill Brown. I contacted Bill Brown and he got me the parts. The parts still shipped out of Addison. The shipping was pretty expensive so get everything you thing you may need in one order. Shipping cost more than the replacement keys so I bought more than I needed just to have some spares.

Bill’s contact info is on his webpage. Bill is great to work with even if Hammond is becoming not so much.

Problem is in that Chicago office at Hammond there isn't enough staff. It's just a sales office kind of. My sense is Ray is overwhelmed.
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Re: new Vox Continental - Some thoughts davedoerfler 09/18/19 03:00 PM
thanks fellas
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Re: Official NFL 2019-2020, 100th Season Thread antimatter 09/18/19 02:37 PM
The season of 2019 (2 games in!) is going to be one to remember. Luck retires, AB saga, Brees hurt, Cam hurt, Roethlisberger out for the season, Eli benched and done in NY, 2 games with 20+ point spreads in a week, the Miami purge and tank, trades...
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Re: R.I.P. Ric p90jr 09/18/19 02:31 PM
Ric and Ben Orr played together for years in bands in Ohio in the 60s and early 70s, so that might've been an intentional tongue-in-cheek tribute to the Ohio Express with the "Just What I Needed" intro...

When I was a kid, I immediately noticed that the I - V - VI - III progression in "Just What I Needed" is the same as the verse in "I Want To Hold Your Hand," which is a brilliant thing to repurpose!!!

Then, Elliot Easton is upfront about re-using the riff that brings the chorus back into the verse in The Beatles' "I Will" for the same purpose (but even better catchy effect) in "Best Friend's Girl," and he's also pointed out that he stuck in riffs from tons of things in solos like "You're All I've Got Tonight" as tributes to people... I'll see if I can find one of those guitar-in-hand interviews where he shows all of those things... it's very cool.
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Re: Basses you want, but do not need rumpelstiltskin. 09/18/19 02:18 PM
musicman sterling 4H
G&L SB-2, JB-2, or L2000
fender aerodyne P
dingwall afterburner

peavey cirrus BXP
lyon by washburn plywood P (with reverend pickup)
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Probably a mix of nostalgia and just curiosity about technology and other stuff from a time before they were born. - like other millienials (and younger folks) who got into collecting vinyl recordings of 60s pop, "Northern Soul", etc. and others in their age group who started collecting vintage dresses and fashion accessories.
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Re: OT: Amazon Music Unveils HD Audio Streaming GovernorSilver 09/18/19 02:02 PM
As an Amazon Prime member, I've found a lot of great music for free on Amazon Music Player (the free app).

The Meters (debut album)
Charlie Parker Complete Savoy and Dial Master Takes
Earth Wind & Fire (Essential double album)
Cornelius Fantasma (most of it anyway - a couple of paid tracks not downloadable)
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Re: Sterling ST79 - Monoprice Observation StudioMicZone 09/18/19 01:47 PM
I think you are right about it being very similar to V67/2001 circuitry. It's the same topology and some of the parts values match up. It shouldn't be too hard to trace out. I was thinking of re-biasing/ replacing and rebiasing the FET. Also, I was watching a video of a guy who replaced the emitter resistor of the follower with a J508 constant current source which he said improved the circuit considerably.

I do have some nice K67 mikes in the locker. I have a pair of Studio Projects C1s with your EQ boards in them, A Mojave MA-201 fet, a Mojave MA300, and an old Equitek E300 which I really love on upright bass. I also have a single-sided RK-67 on the shelf waiting for a home. There are a couple of possibilities where that can go.
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Re: HX3 module/ Need info on Midi CC Mapping Reezekeys 09/18/19 01:11 PM
According to this page, the HX3 defaults to using the midi CC assignments of the NI B4. A quick search for those assignments turned up this. HTH
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