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Re: More MIDI 2.0 Developments Anderton 09/21/21 01:51 AM
Quite a few MIDI 2.0 announcements were planned for Winter NAMM. But with that not happening, the industry will need to re-group.
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Roland Cloud S-50 VST Wong Music 09/21/21 01:39 AM
sadly Could add S50 plugin with All RSB Sound Library Emulation New sampler Bring released Announces Upcoming December 2021 now Available Soon Request but please send contact need help? frown
[Linked Image from]
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Re: Keyboard for solo/duo ceremony/cocktail hour ElmerJFudd 09/21/21 01:37 AM

On closer inspection. The Korg Konnect is worth a look. 11lbs, 140w to the 6.5” woofer and two 20w amps to the two 1” tweeters. They say the freq response is 55-20k (I find that low end hard to believe but worth a test drive). I am not sure about the spl at 1 meter.

Either way, without a doubt, it’s going to be louder than any internal slab speakers. And if you pole it, you can turn it to where you need the sound to go.
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Re: Article on "SK" a veteran member of our forum ProfD 09/21/21 01:07 AM
Despite that it's a 2 year old article, stil grest to see SK getting press. I talked to him a few weeks ago and he's still playing near his hometown. cool
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Re: Apple M1X and M2 Rumors Al Coda 09/21/21 12:56 AM
Originally Posted by Anderton
Here's the product page that gives the minimum system requirements. Windows 7 is okay if it's 64-bit, they don't say anything about graphics other than 1280 x 800 minimum screen resolution.

Thank you,- that´s perfect !


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Re: Live Performance in the Age of Covid KuruPrionz 09/20/21 09:46 PM
Originally Posted by KuruPrionz
Originally Posted by Anderton
Congrats! I guess now we all know what the Doors were singing about when they said "Break on through, to the other side."

Repeating for emphasis, I was one of them.

It was quite a revelation to me just how many asymptomatic carriers could be out there, with no idea that they are infected.

Stay careful everybody, stay safe!!!!!

If you have trusted friends that you feel safe being around because everybody is vaccinated, think again.
Get tested, often. That will be better than not getting tested but it doesn't assure that you are safe to be around, it might give you pause to avoid interaction if you find out soon enough.

The same is true for everybody you know. I'm sorry to have to say it. I am also incredibly grateful to know that none of my friends tested positive as a result of being around me.
While it may be that my immune system is now very resistant to the Covid I had, it does not follow that I will stay resistant due to variants.

There is a reason that the flu vaccine changes every year and we need to take the new one. Viruses mutate, some mutations will be successful and are not the same as the one you have developed antibodies from having or from vaccination.
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Re: Worst and best band names you ever performed under. Dave Bryce 09/20/21 09:39 PM
Best: Barracuda Brothers

Worst: Refried Boogie Band

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Re: Can we talk about retirement? mcgoo 09/20/21 09:12 PM
Originally Posted by Bobadohshe
I wonder where those of you who are talking about retirement in this thread saw yourselves when you retired when you visualized it 20 years ago.

In my 40’s I was scared $hitless that I was never going to be able to retire…. That I would end up as a Walmart greeter (not that I look down at that by any stretch…. I just don’t want to have to do that when I’m 70). Fast forward to mid 50’s & the kids were both finally out of the house, but we’d accumulated a few mountains worth of debt and were still living in a big, beautiful 3500 sq ft money soak of a house.

So, we got out of the money soak, downsized dramatically, paid off a few bills & restructured finances such that we could start aggressively attacking debt. 5 years later, we’re debt free other than our cars & house and have set ourselves on a trajectory that, if we can follow it, will have both cars & house paid off by the time my wife retires in 5 years. I think it may actually work…

Interestingly, when I was getting our taxes done a few years ago, I was talking with the accountant about being woefully unprepared for retirement. He asked some questions & then pointed out that most people fund 90% of their retirement in the last 10 years of their working life, so we weren’t really that far behind the curve. That was encouraging, and at the rate we’re going, we’ll fall right into that category.
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Re: RD-88 -- No Media / EMPTY Kathleen 09/20/21 08:57 PM
Hello, hello, hello.. Long time no C. SO.......

Messing around with my RD-88, Sibelius, and Garageband all at the same time, I would get the "No Media" blurb. It seemed this was so bogus. But....Now I think it is the Roland RD-88 communicating with me. As in,

I would play something (grand staff) back from Sibelius, the RD-88 displaying "no media"
It would play back and record nicely into GB as a piano

But I wanted more. (Don't we all?)

I wanted to play back from Sibelius into my RD-88 (and therefore record into GB) as a sax, or guitar, or flute.
I would select via the RD-88 options a scene with sax, guitar, or flute.
I would play from Sibelius, get "no media", and hear the nice piano, the Grand Piano default, which would record into GB.

Then I accidentally pressed a tone/scene/favorite on the Roland and - WALL-AH ! The playback and recording into GB was indeed that tone/scene/favorite. It was magic. Or good engineering among all parties, I'm not sure.

The lesson is you have the select a scene a 2nd time to get it to stick if you want to playback or record other than the original staff, staves that are written within Sibelius.

It could be that everyone else has figured this out by now, or just don't care, but I'm excited. I now have my version of Dixieland in a chorus of flutes. Glorious.

All the best!
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Re: Sometimes I love Nord cphollis 09/20/21 08:40 PM
"... at the next patch before the guitarist has hit the required combination of pedals/tuned" -- an excellent point. As long as people aren't waiting for me, it's good. Something something about not having to be faster than the bear ...
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Re: Turning Down an Opportunity wineandkeyz 09/20/21 08:27 PM
Originally Posted by synthizen2
Originally Posted by wineandkeyz
Originally Posted by synthizen2
It's funny...

Of the 2 bands I'm in... the country band does wireless IEMs (except for me: I use a spot monitor), no guitar or bass amps (they go direct via modeling pedal set-ups). Complex digital mixer, and tons of audio processing gear (compressor, EQ, exciter, etc.) at the mixing desk. And as a result, soundchecks take up to an hour, with bandmembers endlessly saying "turn this up, turn this down", ad infinitum. Frustrating.

What kind of digital mixer are you using? Is it controllable via WiFi? If so, maybe you could get everyone set up to control their own monitor mixes. My band uses a Soundcraft Ui24R digital mixer to run our IEMs (we connect everything to a splitter snake with one side going to our monitor mixer and the other to FOH). Then we each control our own monitor mix using our iPads, smartphones, etc. It totally did away with the soundcheck hassles. Don't like your monitor mix? Fix it yourself.

Since we use the same mics and instruments everywhere we play, I have barely tweaked my mix other than the overall level in months. Our bass player, on the other hand, seems to adjust something nearly every other song. (He was also the guy that, before we got the IEM system, spent 30 minutes repeating, "Oh, one more thing" during soundchecks.)

The mixer is a Behringer x32. I don't know if it's controllable via WiFi. With all of the wireless IEM issues we have (wrong channel, noise, interference...), adding yet more wireless paths for signals to travel through, looks like possibly more trouble. But if it allows everybody to individually adjust their monitor levels without constantly pestering the sound guy, it looks like something to consider.

Th X32 can be controlled via WiFi, but you'll need to connect a wireless router to it. Then each person downloads an app to their phone or iPad and can control their own monitor mix. As I described earlier, going this route has saved us a ton of time during soundchecks. Good luck!
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Re: OT: Ebay Rant Dr Mike Metlay 09/20/21 07:24 PM
On very rare occasions, I sell on and set what I regard as a reasonable price, with a reasonable lowball limit. I have never yet been hit up by one of these assholes, even though it does take my listings longer to sell.

When I make offers, I don't lowball: usually I ask for just enough of a deduction to cover shipping and insurance costs, and the buyer often goes for it or just flat-out offers to pack and ship for me. Builds good karma.

Whenever possible, I sell to friends and colleagues. It saves SO much hassle and sweat, and it builds even more good karma.

Anything else, I don't bother with. I rarely try to buy or sell anything other than music gear, so avoiding ebay and craigslist doesn't lower my chances any.

YMMV but I find those platforms to be insulting to my intelligence and my integrity.
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Re: Motion Sound KP 408S jarrell 09/20/21 06:11 PM
Originally Posted by Jazz+
42 lbs, no thanks. I'd go with a pair of EV ZXA1 at 22 lbs each.

I agree, plus the ZXA1 is actually 19 lbs.
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Re: Hammond SK Pro— Your opinions wineandkeyz 09/20/21 03:32 PM
Originally Posted by M_G
Originally Posted by wineandkeyz
3. As others have noted elsewhere, it would be nice to have a knob for the drive settings or an assignable one for functions like that. Again, not a show-stopper.


I mapped the drive to the mod wheel.

As much as I like my SK Pro, I really miss the FX Knobs from the SK.....

Ooh, thanks for the tip!

Edit: That's works perfectly. Thanks again!
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Re: Ash the world turns... Larryz 09/20/21 03:06 PM
I really like that B-Bender concept for simplicity installation and I love the Steel Guitar sounds you can get with a bender on a Tele. My Taylor T3B has a push/pull volume to switch both pups from Humbuckers to Singles and a push/pull tone to switch caps? and or just 500k to 250k on the pot...I'm guessing it's the pot switching. Stewmac has a Fender short shaft push/pull pot for $9 bucks that does the 500/250 trick. Would be worth a try when testing. I use 22uf orange drop caps for my other humbucker equipped guitar and Gibson audio taper 500k pots and it sounds cool...My LP Jr with the single P90 uses Gibson 500k audio taper pots and an orange drop cap and sounds cool...

I sold my Tele to my son-n-law and the first thing he did was swap out the cutaway bridge plate with the individual flat Strat saddles (that I really liked) for the ashtray bridge plate like yours. He went with the titanium 5th and 6th and brass for the 4th 3rd 2nd and 1st like yours. That seems to be the consensus among Tele players...looking forward to your cap and pot tests! thu

ps. Stewmac also has a push/pull Gibson 500k audio taper pot for $25 bucks that could be used for phase or caps swapping etc. I really like audio taper pots...
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Re: Official NFL 2021-2022 Thread Geoff Grace 09/20/21 11:16 AM
How about this for nostalgia? The Broncos and Raiders sit alone atop the AFC West.

In fact, they are the only undefeated teams in the entire conference!

Of course, I expect other teams to have their time in the sun before the season’s over; but for now, it’s so nice… cool


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Re: Your Latest Purchase (music related) The Real MC 09/20/21 05:18 AM
Originally Posted by bill5
but props smile

That house purchase ends a frugal twelve month unemployment period, and the dawn of a new life in a new job, new town. And with a steady income I hope to contribute more to this thread.

Besides a place to put music gear, it will be my retirement home. I'm not retiring anytime soon, but I plan long term. The choice of house was very carefully thought out.
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Re: Korg M3 Question zxcvbnm098 09/20/21 02:58 AM
Originally Posted by BluMunk
Chiming in with: I loved my M3 (if the band was still together I’d probably still have it).

I had the touch screen replaced and it was so worth it.

Also, for reasons I don’t recall (probably because I was afraid I’d have to do it again and wouldn’t be able to find the part), I still have a spare new touch screen.

If you want it I’ll happily ship it off for free (or for the cost of shipping if you wanted to throw me back a few bucks).

As if anyone needed further proof this forum completely rocks, see above...
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Re: Looking for a new audio interface KuruPrionz 09/20/21 01:26 AM
Originally Posted by bill5
A few FYIs: the UR24 is USB 3 and has the "C" connector (almost all USB 3s are C as well), although odds are you don't need either and could save money simply getting the UR22. It also has the 5-pin MIDI.

The MOTU 2 is getting rave reviews and a fine option IMO. They had some driver issues when they first came out, but as far as I know they are resolved. I'd also take a look at the Behringer 204.

Of those 3 I'd stick with the Steinberg or the Motu. Behringer always looks good on paper...
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Re: Firefly? Caevan O'Shite 09/20/21 12:49 AM
Originally Posted by wraub
Yes, it'll be 7 months from when I got it, in 2 days from now. I'm just early. wink

Two days short... I knew it hadn't been seven months... ! wink grin thu

Originally Posted by wraub
The Gotoh has aluminum for the tailpiece and brass for the posts, which makes a lot of difference from the cast metal w/ steel posts of the stock piece, and it's a real difference tonally.

I am 100% sold, and that tailpiece stays with that guitar from now on.


Originally Posted by wraub
...a shining beacon of wonder and delight, singing unknown songs just for me to discover, like a siren inside a muse inside a suit of velvet armor, and carrying a secret hammer. Oar something like that... wink

It just keeps getting better and better, a gift that keeps on giving... !
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Re: Windows 11 - a rocky road ahead? bill5 09/20/21 12:40 AM
Originally Posted by Anderton
Windows 10 support ends officially in October 2025
So no more forced updates? Man I will throw a party on that day.

PS from what I recall, most machines now days have TPM 2.0 and it's not true that it will only support CPUs in the last 3, 4 years....still, while I don't like Win 10, I have no desire to "upgrade." I've read some about it and really it sounds more like Win 10.1, with minor tweaks that they're trying to sell as a big deal and zero benefit that I see.

This is nothing new for MS, release a new version because people are so hypnotized into keeping up with the Joneses that they'll buy it anyway and the money rolls in.
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Re: NAD- Boss Katana 50 Mk2 KuruPrionz 09/20/21 12:35 AM
Originally Posted by wraub
Master on 10 as in all the way up, yes. In my home room situation I usually keep the amp on the .5 watt setting, master dimed, and vol/gain to taste. It definitely adds something extra and I like it... ymmv and all that.
Lately I've been experimenting more with pedals, but I mostly just play through the amp, most often clean.

I'll try it and see what happens, thanks!
On my Peavey Vypyr amps I turn the Post Gain knobs up all the way more often than not. That is the "Output Gain" simulator, not "After Gain".
The Master gets set where I want the volume. Different system but it sounds like Boss incorporated their own output gain circuit into their master volume control.

I'd have to redo my settings but there's only 4 of them so just a few minutes of re-tweaking. I'll come back after I've tried it and post.
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Re: New 2021 iPad mini and entry level iPad David Emm 09/19/21 10:02 PM
Originally Posted by EscapeRocks
I know I'm the odd man out, but I like that Apple focuses on the visual artists with the iPads.
I don't and won't run a stage rig off an iPad so I'm good with it.

I'm a neo-Luddite about them as music tools, although I think it can be a smart synth module in the studio. Its a bit like any other Apple computer. You pick your moment to buy, get all the memory you can and pack it with the best apps for that hardware version. Then semi-sandbox yourself, treating it as a stand-alone. Make Apple happy and buy a second iPad for online cruising. rolleyes
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Re: New Studiologic Numa X Piano o0Ampy0o 09/19/21 08:03 PM
Sorry if this has already been posted. If so I did not see it:

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Re: Inexpensive 61/88 key MIDI controllers...your experiences? Delaware Dave 09/19/21 07:10 PM
I've been pretty satisfied with my M-Audio Code 61. What I like about it vs. the newer M-Audio controllers is that it has old style Midi in/out as well as USB Midi and it has an expression input. I also am getting quite comfortable with its semi-weighed keybed, I like its feel and response. They are not that expensive, weigh about 11 pounds and are not really that hard to find even though the line has been discontinued.
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