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Re: Motion Sound at NAMM? hardware 12/10/19 05:01 AM
They really need to save NAMM and take it to Vegas along with excellent productions.
Hope I’m not offending folks but babes and gear made NAMM.
Go check out CES in Vegas and you’ll understand why NAMM is just not happening.

They really want your attention with fantastic presentations, lights, super hot booth babes, even beverages, etc.
Much rather see new software and hardware and big presentations instead of elderly rockers and their wives in spandex.
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Re: Guitar Newbie CEB 12/10/19 04:49 AM
Seagulls are cool. +2
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Re: Stage piano key action and static touchweights 16251 12/10/19 03:05 AM
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Re: Sick Hammond KuruPrionz 12/10/19 03:04 AM
It is never a bad idea to get a can of DeOxit and clean all sockets, jacks and connectors. Should be done every couple of years or so, just to maintain good connections.

Do not use on pots, there are other cleaners for that purpose.
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Re: "The Mandalorian"...Is It Just Me? KenElevenShadows 12/10/19 03:00 AM

Originally Posted by Anderton
I found out why it has that different "look" - there is NO green screen used at all! The backgrounds are projected, via an LED wall.

Technology is amazing...

Fascinating. Sort of a new take on an old technique. I've only seen the trailer, but whatever they're doing looks really great.
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Re: My new "Abandoned Southern CA" photography book is out! KenElevenShadows 12/10/19 02:50 AM
Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy it!
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Re: Clonewheel shootout, VSTs and hardware davedoerfler 12/10/19 02:27 AM
Originally Posted by mate stubb
This is the point in the conversation where I always bring up my Speakeasy AMA. facepalm

wonderfull piece of kit, made from unobtanium unless one currently owns it.

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Re: I forgot how much better the real deal sounds Brad Kaenel 12/10/19 02:11 AM
Am I wrong? The organ on the right looks to be a Hammond "New B3" -- not a chop -- the "roadable" one with the hand rails all around the case. So, though it sounds great, no actual tonewheels in that one, correct? Wasn't the "New B3" Suzuki's original Hammond "comeback", before the XK and SK lines?
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Re: New Roland Fantom PianoManChuck 12/10/19 12:57 AM
I think you nailed it with your very astute observations Dave!!

There's another aspect to the new Fantom with their TR-REC functionality. Not limited to Drums & Bass like most people think.... you can use just about anything with it! And not monophonic either, you can actually use chords with it too. I demonstrate that here.
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Re: What's in your ears? DinoMike 12/10/19 12:24 AM
[Linked Image from]
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Re: Digital Synths vs Virtual Instruments - Lets Fight! Markyboard 12/09/19 11:18 PM
Just like my chosen hardware my VSTs get me 100% there. That’s because I’m not looking to go anywhere they don’t want to go. I’m not trying to make them sound like anything other than something I want to enjoy playing. This is why I enjoy Lounge Lizard for example. I don’t care if it sounds like a real Rhodes or Wurlitzer or whatever. I can screw around with it and always come up with that aha moment when hopefully I hit save before screwing it up.

But yeah I hear you midinut. Be it hardware, software, iPad apps, modulars, whatever, this is the coolest stuff ever and I too am fortunate to spend my days getting lost in it. Can’t think of anything I rather be doing when not traveling or ...well, ya know. hand
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Re: “Any Colour You Like” from Pink Floyd show last night MAJUSCULE 12/09/19 10:31 PM
Delay is fuuunnnn
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Re: PX-S3000, Komplete Kontrol 61MK2, Mac Mini: Happiness Jazz+ 12/09/19 09:59 PM
What latency do you measure for piano?
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Re: cheapest "ok" 4k cam? midinut 12/09/19 09:54 PM
I know a couple of people that have the Zoom pictured above and they seem to be really happy with them.
You might also want to check out DJI (they make the drones but also have handheld cams) and the new kids on the block Insta360. They look really intriguing.
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Re: what will santa claus put under your xmas tree? camperbc 12/09/19 09:54 PM
Thanks everyone, for the warm welcome; much appreciated! Yup, Santa just gave me yet another early present... a lovely pair of Presonus Eris E5 "XT" studio monitors for my new Casio Privia PX-870. Unfortunately due to space restraints, they must be wall-mounted, but I'm ok with that. My Rockville (RHSB8) mounting brackets have just arrived, so that'll be tomorrow's project.

Thanks, davedoerfler... next I'll go check out "The Big Picture" forum!!

[Linked Image from]
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Re: In Honor of Tom Waits' 70th Birthday Joe Muscara 12/09/19 09:29 PM
Josh who? Where's Math? idk
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Re: Thinking about buying a powered speaker. bill bosco 12/09/19 09:18 PM
have not been happy with the k8.2's , especially as floor monitors , they do need to be elevated as most forumites here have suggested . i demoed a modx through an alto TS312 at a local
guitar center ( on the floor ) , was impressed , so i bought one . turns out to be the best sounding keyboard amp i've ever owned and that's with no additional EQ , the pianos are very good , not great ,
but not harsh at all , the EP's are great though ,very warm . and it's certainly loud enough for anything i would need it for .and i can leave it right on the floor . bang for the buck ? absolutely
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Re: Advise Please jimmac 12/09/19 08:18 PM
I think I will end up buying a Zoom H5 after a lot of comparing. I also want a light that will clip on the music stand to help my old eyes!!! Likely order later this week. If the Tascam 24??? had built in playback speaker and mic's I would do that but maybe later. I will update about the band as it develops. Right know the singer is still recovering from his hand surgery and the lead player needs or just had shoulder surgery so might be a few weeks before another practice. Jim
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Re: I hate Electronics ...... GovernorSilver 12/09/19 08:05 PM
In case anyone is in the market for one, the Furman SS-6B is on sale here at a nice discount:

I got it to try to reduce the buzz of my Boss Katana violin/guitar amp. It might not solve all noise problems but it'll at least address the EMI/RFI one.
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New music platform Amadei theAmadei 12/09/19 07:20 PM
Hello everyone!
I’m Alex, would like to show you global music manage to platform for independent artists

Take your time to look it through.
Here you can find composer, vocalist, lyricist, sound designer for your project.
Here you can distribute worldwide and promote your track.
If you need a manager to upscale you as an artist, find it here.

There are over 15K music profi from around the world here.

I would like to receive feedback from you.
What services are missing on the site?
Is it convenient to use the site?
So you change on the site?
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Re: How Many of You Play More than One Instrument? Why? Notes_Norton 12/09/19 07:09 PM
Originally Posted by Anderton
Originally Posted by Notes_Norton
I loved Spike Jones when I was young. I still like his stuff, but I've heard most of it and the jokes are no longer surprising.

Besides for being goof-offs, the level of musicianship was extremely good.

Your trivia for todays: Leslie Ann Jones, multi-Grammy award winner and director at Skywalker Sound, is Spike Jones' daughter.

Thanks. I didn't know that.
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Re: Connection/gain staging question Theo Verelst 12/09/19 06:54 PM
A little explanation. Balancing is mainly two possibilities in electronics, for two main reasons. Clearly balancing prevents hum and rattle in many cases, which for low signal level sources like microphones is usually a necessity (though certainly not always). Also, there's ground loop induced signal disturbance coming from differences in load patterns during the positive and negative going supply lines of for instance heavy amplifiers that cause ground currents, and those ground currents can flow through the music signal wires ground circuit, causing a distortion voltage. Normally speaking the balancing will in the lower frequency range work good, electronically or with a transformer. There is however the issue of the coupling capacitors, where it is not unlikely that each part of the balanced input pair and each part of the connected balanced output pair has a coupling capacitor in the signal path. For modern (relatively) low impedance connections, these are probably all four electrolytic capacitors of a significant capacitance. Unfortunately, these can act non-linear when becoming charged in inverse, and also, the tolerance of the actual capacitance w.r.t the specified one can be rather large (-20%+50% or something), so if the two capacitor chains of series coupled out and input capacitances are compared in agregated form, it is likely the actual capacitance in the non-inverting output-input connection is quit noticeably different from the the inverting pair. This is normally not of great consequence, the roll off frequency of this high pass filter is most likely under 20Hz and not problematic. However, the difference in coupling capacitance can easily create a huge imbalance for very low frequencies, which makes the circuit sound distorted in the face of ground currents.

Noise over the connection isn't easy to fully analyze, but if you consider the scenario of perfectly unbalancing and perfectly balancing signals electronically, adding an extra amplifier with the same signal amplitude doesn't necessarily lower the overall noise of the output buffers or input buffers, maybe the noise increase witl be 3dB compared to getting 6dB more out of the adder of the unbalanced components, but it isn't sure.

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Re: Mason Embry Trio davedoerfler 12/09/19 04:48 PM
Originally Posted by Adan
Tasty and lounge-a-licious.

rainy Monday morning here, listening while having coffee. Perfect. thu
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Yuko Mabuchi TommyS 12/09/19 04:34 PM
Hey all you cats and catalinas,,, was fortunate to be on a show with an incredible piano player ... check out Yuko Mabuchi
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Re: Studiologic Numa Compact 2x tommym 12/09/19 03:12 PM
Originally Posted by Stefan Ioan
I've gone for the Numa Compact 2x as opposed to the other options. A shop had one in B-Stock for 3/4 of the regular price so I went for it. Have played with it for the last week and I can't find anything wrong with it so it is a keeper.

I'm holding on to mine too! It's 'love/hate" because it does so much, but that makes me wish it did everything the way we imagine it could....

We're waiting eagerly for the next software (firmware) update, which promises an improved DRIVE effect. I find that the lower notes on the keyboard Drive harder, and also what sounds great when you're playing one note, becomes unusable when you go to a chord. (Making a split with 2 organs and less Drive on the lower side is a workaround.) So the updated OS is going to make that better smile

Since I own a Sledge, hearing them say that it's the Sledge Engine inside this multi-purpose Dream Keyboard makes me laugh. It's like calling Spaghetti-O's a fine Italian meal.
I wonder if there's any room on their 'chip' to improve that Numa 2x engine?

But for the price, and the weight, this thing is an amazing product, and a fun Instrument that is Soulful and inspiring. Thank you, Studiologic!
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