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Re: Motion Sound Pro 3 belt samuelblupowitz 02/28/20 08:49 PM
Any idea if it's the same belt they use in the KBR-3D?
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Re: EHX does it again! Mark Schmieder 02/28/20 08:43 PM
They've already done guitar-triggered drums, right? But maybe not yet latin percussion like congas etc.?
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Re: Peter Tork Dead at 77. Mark Schmieder 02/28/20 08:43 PM
p90jr you are spot-on; I didn't want to take the time to write that up so am glad that you did such an excellent job of explaining this phenomenon.
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Re: Meyer Sound UPM1s, anyone? Mark Schmieder 02/28/20 08:40 PM
RCF has a wide range of models too, and they replace their line-up just often enough that I find it confusing to keep track, so am thankful we have people on this forum who have easier access to that brand and who keep us all up-to-date.

In our early days, they were one of our two main OEM's until we brought everything in-house. They get high respect.
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Re: Korg M1 Legacy (Window) versus iM1 IOS LeesKeys 02/28/20 08:35 PM
Never mind. I still have a lot to learn about M1. The patches I was looking for were "hidden" under Multi. I was searching under Programs
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Re: How hard is it to play around in some Latin Music Music Bird 02/28/20 08:28 PM
I learned a few years ago that the Vietnamese and Filipinos are into Latin music.

There’s even a subgenre of Viet cha cha and Tagalog cha cha.
Here it is
Here’s some Viet cha cha for your enjoyment.
You may or may not like this, because this music basically is extreme ROMpler Brass and flute spam.
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Re: Midi keyboard for organ playing? djdisbro 02/28/20 08:09 PM
Studiologic Numa Compact2x: Not waterfall keys, but a nice action nonetheless and with mappable drawbars.
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Voxengo Boogex version 3 - free KuruPrionz 02/28/20 07:55 PM
Just released.
I've used Boogex, it has merit. The new version looks like a nice upgrade.
I've downloaded but not installed yet.

Voxengo has other free stuff and some interesting plugins that can be purchased as well.
I have no affiliation.
If you only have a few or no virtual guitar amps this is a good freebie. Can be used on anything, not just for guitar. I've gotten some nice guitar and bass tones with it.
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Re: New Mojo Adan 02/28/20 07:47 PM
Originally Posted by jamienewman
If you go to Crumar's FB page and look at the photo posted on February 19th, you can see part of the new Mojo Classic in the foreground.

Are you talking about this?
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Re: Ugliest Guitar You've Ever Seen? Scott Fraser 02/28/20 07:19 PM
Is there really any competition to this piece of hideousness?
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Re: OT: some cool photography-related news davedoerfler 02/28/20 07:02 PM
received my copy yesterday. Very cool indeed. cool
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Re: Kurzweil SP6 hipogrito 02/28/20 06:53 PM

Contact support first to check that it is not just a sound programming issue. If in the end the problem were a hardware problem, then you would have to take it to service.

Good luck!

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Re: OT - What are you listening to right now? Adan 02/28/20 06:24 PM
Digging Tame Impala's new album (one song is linked a few posts above). Parker's voice seems like a modest instrument, and I suppose that's where I get off the fanwagon. But the album is a synthpop tour de force.

Also heavily into Donny McCaslin's new album, Blow. Not a lot of keys, but commonality with Bowie's Blackstar is palpable and I think for a lot of listeners will add to its power.
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Re: Mastering and Different Playback Media - ARGH Anderton 02/28/20 06:17 PM
Originally Posted by KenElevenShadows
I know we're largely in agreement here and this is so much more getting into the weeds, but knowing what I know about crappy mediums, I feel like I should be great enough to compensate for this instead of grousing about the formats.

Yes, and I think my new album translates over my Android phone because I worked hard to have the music translate over different playback systems. It's just a shame that for many people, that type of audio experience is all they know...or they think that music sounds like it does with Beats headphones. Sure, back in the day people listened to AM radio, but a lot of them also had KLH or Avid speakers in the living room. Today, it's rare to walk into someone's house and see a decent playback system.

I feel commercial music traditionally had the equivalent of a hardcover and paperback, like vinyl and cassette, uncompressed and MP3, or hi-fi tuner and transistor radio. My concern is that the "hardcover" option is going away. I was serious when I said some (many?) people have never heard uncompressed audio over a decent set of speakers. Sure, a great song will translate okay. But I'd still rather see the picture you posted in color than black and white smile
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Re: OT - Sunday Brunch RudyS 02/28/20 06:04 PM
Originally Posted by Tusker
Originally Posted by RudyS
Does anybody know what the Korg is which is on the T8 btw?

707, I think.

Yeah that’s it. Thanks. I forgot about that one:)
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Re: So What Really Made Music Unlistenable? Anderton 02/28/20 06:04 PM
Originally Posted by Winston Psmith
I remember a great deal of blowback when Synthesizers first allegedly threatened to displace "real Musicians".

My reply to those people was always "Who do you think plays synthesizers? Accountants?" smile

A purist, or reductionist might argue that the only true, natural Instrument available to us is the human voice; everything else is simply a device made to generate sounds. OTOH, I would hesitate to suggest to the 1st Chair Violinist of the NSO that they were essentially on the same level as a DJ punching buttons on a digital console . . . not unless I was standing very far away.

I think that might be apples and oranges, though. I consider the [better] DJs performing engineers, not traditional musicians. It's a very different skill set. I think anyone would agree that a good mix engineer has a unique skill set. Much of what I think makes a DJ "good" is how artfully they apply that same type of skill set to a live performance.

I've taken the stage doing musician-type and DJ-type gigs, and for me they're equally challenging, but for very different reasons. For example, if I finger a chord poorly on guitar and it sounds like crap, a few seconds later it's gone and no one cares. But if I make one split-second mistake in a timing cue or beat match, it can throw off the rest of the set and it's extremely difficult to recover. Also, at least with most of my music gigs, improvisation is a subset of the performance. With DJing, many times it's all about improvisation because you have to read the mood of the crowd so closely. Trying to reconcile improvisation with technical perfection is not easy, especially because higher-level DJing has evolved to working with multiple tracks, effects, sync, bringing in samples, and often, playing instrumental lines along with everything else. It's like those circus acts with the spinning plates. True, they're just plates...but spinning a bunch of them simultaneously isn't easy.

Then again, although in some ways I find it more difficult to pull off a DJ gig than playing guitar and singing in a band...I would find it impossible to pull off being 1st Chair Violinist of the NSO!
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Re: "Comfort Food" Guitars KuruPrionz 02/28/20 06:00 PM
Originally Posted by Danzilla
Still trying to get what you mean by "comfort food guitar".

I thought it was like the guitar you always wanted but never got or eventually did. Others seem to have taken it as your favorite.

The first guitar I can say that made me go "wow" and pay attention, as I was just starting to play, was a camp counselor's black Gibson Les Paul into a Marshall combo. So for that point of view, I've always wanted a Les Paul, but never owned one. I still prefer humbuckers, so most of my guitars have those. My ES-335 is the closest I've come. Amp wise, I've settled on the Vox -ish sound, with the Genz Benz Black Pearl.

But as for "comfort" in that it feels right and fits most styles, my PRS SE Semihollow would be the one. Pickups were upgraded to a DiMarzio Bluesbucker in the neck and a SD Pearly Gates in the bridge. And I just upgraded the bridge to a Hipshot Baby Grand.

I knew different players would have different interpretations of the meaning when I posted it. So I posted a "favorite guitar" thread too.
Your premise is very similar to mine - the guitar you really wanted but never got and then, finally did get. That is my Silvertone in the first post of the thread.
In my mind, a "comfort food guitar" is a lifelong sort of thing and a "favorite guitar" is more of a work in progress. My current favorite is subject to change, I have ideas for building another with "improvements" based on things I notice about the current one. A comfort food guitar doesn't go through that process, it is what it is.

I lusted for Les Pauls too. And I have owned an 86 335 Studio model since 88, a keeper.
8 Les Pauls in, I found happy new homes for all of them. Just not my thing. I owned them more or less consecutively, I don't think I've ever had more than 2 at any one time.
I'd buy another, either a double cutaway Jr or one of the early Les Paul Custom Lite models with the slimmer and lighter body. But only if I get an amazing price, I don't really lust for them.

Great post, thanks! Kuru
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Re: Keyboards in the days before great PA? esfusion 02/28/20 05:35 PM
My rig in the '62 - '65 period consisted of a Wurly 140 with micro switches under the keys triggering a Lowrey Organo. Sound options included Wurly alone, Lowrey alone or both combined (my fave). Sound reinforcement consisted of a beastly Stromberg Carlson AU58B tube amp driving a home-built 2 x 15 coaxial cab. Biggest issues: replacing broken Wurly reeds and replacing blown tweeters on the coaxials. Don't recall being overly troubled by schlepping around the combined 250 lb load-in
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Re: Power conditioning - Noise suppression KuruPrionz 02/28/20 05:26 PM
Last night I hosted a "showcase" night at a club a bit north of here. That involves setting up the stage with mics and DIs, running sound, playing the first set, getting the other artists up and running quickly and tearing down after the show.

They've got an in house PA system, in wall snake to the board, sound guy booth near the back of the club with racks of gear, the whole 9 yards.

At the top of each rack is a Furman power conditioner. I didn't catch the model, it doesn't matter. Probably different products now.

Anyway, those have been working for a long time. One of them turns on a bank of older amplifiers so there is some serious current flowing.

They work. All the feedback above indicates I made a good choice. This has been a useful thread, thanks everybody!!!! Kuru
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Re: Hammond B-3X for IPad TomKittel 02/28/20 05:23 PM
FWIW: The animated cab runs fine on my ipad air 2 and on my ipad pro gen 1
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Re: Anyone else using PanEQ? KuruPrionz 02/28/20 05:18 PM
Originally Posted by J. Dead
So this is going to be a very novice question from me, since I have limited experience in this realm, but is there typically not the ability when going through the mastering process to go back and have modifications made to the mix, or is it just "here's the mixdown, do what you can"? Being an armature, we've either done mastering ourselves with the option of going back to the mixdown, or spent so much time in the mixdown (because we weren't paying anybody by the hour) that there wasn't much left to do by the time mastering came around. Well......a PROFESSIONAL mastering engineer may beg to differ, lol.

But one area where I was wondering if this theoretically could have impact on a single track is so,etching like a stereo keyboard part to make it sit differently in an overall mix with respect to the stereo field......maybe more ballsy in the center and lighter in the more extreme L/R field, like chorus effects and such.

Could be budget, or time constraints. Not everyone works in home studios like you (or me). Some folks record in dedicated "for hire" recording studios. I would if I had the budget. I'd hire in talent too.

And the budget may have been mostly spent already so the cost of a remix is not an option.
Egos and what people "hear" could a factor, could be a complex issue like "Let's get this done and behind us so we can part ways with this "producer" or other drama funs.

If it is a song for a commercial it may be reaching the deadline for submission.

I don't want to speak for the OP but it may simply be that Ronan hears something he feels will really improve the final result and he has a tool that can help achieve that end.

I don't know and could not possibly guess but these (and more) are all possibilities. Cheers,, Kuru
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Re: looking for a controller nuendo & "live" dr walker 02/28/20 04:14 PM
i like the softtube controllers but on facebook the "swarm" wrote that these don t work with ableton.
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Re: TEAM TEST: Arturia Pigments 2 Markyboard 02/28/20 04:05 PM
You guys ...what a bunch of geeks hider

(edit:) in case this is needed...
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Re: For Sale - Hammond SKx with EXP-50 Expression Pedal motomike1961 02/28/20 11:27 AM

Thanks everyone.

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Re: Avoid hand injury or recover: Dorothy Taubman jimkost2002 02/28/20 10:59 AM
Thanks to everyone for this FANTASTIC information! I had always heard about the Taubman method for years, but never delved into it seriously.

What I am seeing here is very similar to what Gyorgy Sandor taught at Julliard and described in his great book “On Piano Playing”.

He studied with Bartok and got this approach from him. I also studied briefly with Albert and Miyoko Lotto, who were pupils of the great Sascha Gorodnitski, who was a proponent of this technique.

Thanks agan, all!
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