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Re: Dammit. One is never enough, is it? KuruPrionz 05/30/20 01:53 AM
Originally Posted by Dave Bryce
I hear ya, Kuru...but no worries. idk

I plan to let the Princeton live in the studio with my modest pedal collection. I still really like the Line 6 rig not only because it sounds great to me through my PA..but also because I can take apart the programs to learn how they made those tones. Then, ideally, I'd like to try doing some of them the old skool way on the Real Thing just to learn and experiment.

No sports, no gigs...may as well spend the time trying to learn something. Besides, I have a few keyboards that might enjoy having a tube amp in the studio. cool


A Princeton is a fine amp. i've passed on the opportunity to buy one too many times. Should have gotten a Blackface Princeton Reverb when they went cheap.
For all that, with a guitar I truly prefer the raw, evil snarl of the older Tweed amps. Neil Young is one iconic example.

It really depends on what guitar is used and other circumstances. I read an interview with Mick Ronson and he was asked how he got the tone on Moonage Daydream from Ziggy Stardust. Being British and all, I expected to hear "Marshall" but he plugged into a Fender Deluxe Reverb, dimed it and just ripped.

The solo at the end is iconic.
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Re: Westworld Scoring Competition linwood 05/30/20 01:52 AM
Nice! Glad you did one and shared it! That was fun, right?! Love your clav.
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Re: How often to oil a TW? Bradley B 05/30/20 01:22 AM
Too much, too often and it leaks out of the hold-down bolts and onto whatever is below, the carpet, the cat, your shoes.
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Anybody like the waldorf rocket? Jr. Deluxe 05/30/20 01:22 AM
By some fluke Andertons had it at an unbelievable price so I impulsed. Now I'm looking for validation. It seems pretty cool with some paraphonic capabilities. I wish it had delay and chorus but I can run it into my jdxi audio input or use the many fx boxes I have laying around.
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Re: Moog knobs GRollins 05/30/20 12:48 AM
Aye, but I'm working up an order with Mouser (and maybe Digikey, depending). If they've got the right thing, I'll go with them (possibly cheaper...?). Might as well cram as many parts in the box as possible and save shipping charges.

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Re: Updated ksetlist site for Kurzweil Al Coda 05/30/20 12:31 AM
Originally Posted by hipogrito
Thank you all!

It should be up and running fine now.

Sorry,- NO !

Same s##t as before ! (see above)

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Re: Crumar Mojo 61 Review - (LONG) Jazz+ 05/29/20 11:46 PM
Do you speak for the company? It's not whining, it's hoping to make a good thing even better. Since the Mojo61 has only two presets and only a single set of drawbars and only a single manual, it's not unreasonable to want to be able to edit the drawbars after selecting the preset (Nord, Hammond SK1, etc). That seems more useful for me than the current Mojo61 design that allows for when I'm playing a preset, and--without changing the sound--I can only set the drawbars up for the next sound I intend to play.
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Re: Why should you do night photography when it's cloudy? KuruPrionz 05/29/20 11:33 PM
Beautiful images, all of them.

I used to photograph pretty ladies in California and I was always happy if it was overcast because the light is flattering and easy to work with.

At night it creates some awesome shapes. That lightning strike is wonderful!
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Re: The All-New All-Day KC Virtual Hang Fri & Sat! (May 29/30) ksoper 05/29/20 11:28 PM
Originally Posted by CowboyNQ
I'm a lizard drinking on Saturday with footy training back on...

Man, I'm gonna need subtitles.
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Re: OT - What are you listening to right now? Docbop 05/29/20 11:07 PM
Been listening to Geoffrey Keezer lately interesting stuff....

Also Peter Martin....

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Re: Yamaha YC61 Announced kenheeter 05/29/20 11:01 PM
I'm thinking I'm going to get one of these. Thanks for posting the C/V stuff, it really helps. I think this thing sounds very promising.......
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Re: In The Lab: Meet the ASM Hydrasynth! Randelph 05/29/20 10:43 PM
So, having the benefit of hindsight.... and in keeping with the discussion on KC re online reviews....
? How many hours would you be charging a manufacturer for a review of this depth?
? Having done this thorough review, how many hours would you charge the manufacturer to produce a 10-20-30? minute overview video that of course hits the highlights, but also gives new users a good take on how to get started with this synth? A video quick-start guide.
? Having done this review, how many hours to turn this review into a video user guide broken up into 10 minute segments covering everything you've done but more organized for a new user.

The problem with many digital products like this is how hard it is to learn. This review taken to the next level as highly organized user guides, your production makes an otherwise hopelessly complex board approachable. I'm sure there would be many many new buyers with this kind of approach, well worth the investment.

I imagine that only the bigger companies would have a budget for the above videos. But getting creative with the publicity department of smaller companies, you could come up with a plan such that there are different tiers of compensation coming back to you based on the sales volume.

You have a gift for making the incomprehensible approachable!
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Re: The piano is the worst invention ever. Discuss. Mighty Motif Max 05/29/20 10:35 PM
Originally Posted by TommyBoy
Accordion music usually has the treble clef and then just "C Maj" or "D 7th" for the bass clef.
That's only with lead sheets and some published music. The majority of written accordion music is written with both clefs. For the left hand, you have the bass note, and then the chord note is an octave above and on whatever note is the root of the chord, accompanied by a "M", "m", "7", or "dim" marking (or variations of such), indicating a major, minor, seventh, or diminished chord. That's the "American" notation style, standardized by the AAA years ago. In Europe and elsewhere, it's common to see the chord written out as it would be on piano, three to four notes etc.

My preference in notation is the American notation style with chords written above the grand staff, because it's handy for keeping track of your playing in the middle of a difficult solo, or for harmony voicings on the right hand.
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Re: Dropped Google Chrome harmonizer 05/29/20 10:18 PM
I still use gmail, but have switched to using duckduckgo for search. The drive-by wifi collection ( said alot about the corporate culture, and that does not change overnight.
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Re: Rookie Recording Mistakes harmonizer 05/29/20 10:15 PM
My first rookie mistake was not pressing "Save" on my Korg D3200 after Sets 1 and 2 ended, during our first covers band gig I tried to record. I had plenty of opportunity to press Save, but did not. Then with 3 songs left in set 3, someone kicked out the power plug. The Korg D3200 has no autosave. Nothing. Zip. Nada. So we only got 3 songs recorded.

My second rookie mistake was using a pair of dynamic mics (instead of condensers) for the drum kit overheads. I used them because they were in the box of mic gear our band had. Pretty sophisticated mic selection method, yes? (that was sarcasm). When I turned up their volume enough in the mix to get the snare heard, it sucked in sound from our vocalists, with a harsh coloring added to it. Took me a few gigs to figure out what was going on.

My third rookie mistake was not understanding where to place the mic to capture the sound from our rhythm guitarist's amp (I am talking about a rhythm guitarist who really knew what he was doing). Took me several gigs to get the capture right so that it sounded like what we heard on stage.

I started using the Korg D3200 to record our covers band back in 2007. I knew nothing. Fortunately there were a bunch of nice people on who were extremely helpful and helped me get to the point where my mixes did not suck.

Count me as another person who often mixes himself too low in the mix. The only thing worse than hearing yourself be imperfect in a final mix is hearing it dozens of times as you prepare the mix.
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Re: Prophet 5 (Rev2) Refurb MAJUSCULE 05/29/20 10:02 PM
Wow, that's just *the* sound. Awesome work, Mark.
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Re: DIY Vocal Booth + Iso box KuruPrionz 05/29/20 09:57 PM
Originally Posted by Mike Rivers
Originally Posted by Michael Wright
I have been researching this for a while. I'm working on some vocal courses, and figure the wife and neighbours may call the cops soon. I was going to build a frame and use moving blankets like yours for now, Still trying to dream up an affordable soundproof solution.

Blankets work for controlling reflections, which is important, but you need mass in order to avoid sound transmission and keep peace with the neighbors. Pre-fab vocal booths work quite well, but they're also quite expensive. I haven't looked, but I'll bet there are DIY articles on how to build one. Still, you need to build a complete box with walls, floor, and ceiling, and you need a door that seals well, cable pass-throughs, and ventilation. It's amazing how much sound can get out (or in) of a relatively small hole.

At NAMM last year, TransAudio Group showed a little booth built from inflatable plastic panels called AirHush that use some magic juju of air and acoustical damping materials. Like the Whisper Room, it's pretty expensive. A kit to build an amp isolation box costs about $2500. Unlike a Whisper Room, however, when you don't need the vocal booth, you can stash all the pieces in the closet that you were probably using as a vocal booth. ;

While Mike is correct on all points, blankets can also absorb a certain amount of sound, as they do have some mass. For sound to get through a well made moving blanket, it needs to find air spaces, usually that is going to be somewhere on the edges, where edges meet.

Blankets will not eliminate noise but they can reduce it to a negligible level. In my current situation, with the windows closed I can hear some external noise with my microphones turned up to a level I might prefer to use for vocals or guitar - bearing in mind I prefer the tone if I can keep the mics back a bit from the voice or the instrument.

Inside the booth, I can turn the mics up louder than I need for recording and still not have any significant noise. When I turn them down to a good recording level the exterior noise is not present in headphones, listening outside the booth.

Signal to noise ratio, there can be noise if the signal is sufficient to mix the noise down below audible. Not perfect but a big improvement. I'll take it!!!! Cheers, Kuru
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Re: Have PA Speakers made Keyboard Amplifiers obsolete? Stephen S 05/29/20 09:32 PM
You are correct, Dave. We still make the "ac" versions of the FA Portable products upon request.

As a general comment on this thread - the PA speaker game has changed quite a bit over the past 10 years or so. There are now a number of really great choices for powered PA speakers at (relatively) modest cost. This was certainly not the case 15+ years ago.
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Re: MIDI 2.0 - What Is Means to Musicians free Webinar, May 30 RABid 05/29/20 09:32 PM
IMHO, MIDI is having a resurgence with the proliferation of musicians using beatboxes to drive external devices. While I no longer need to connect my keyboard to a rack of units because keyboards are now powerful to provide everything I need, I do need to connect various beat boxes to new and vintage gear.
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Re: Question about the Lydian mode KuruPrionz 05/29/20 09:25 PM
Originally Posted by Scott Fraser
Yeah, Skip. I have a client who plays microtonal re-fretted guitars. He's very deeply into the math which makes certain intervals what they are. Much of it just sounds out of tune initially, but after working through a whole album or two with him, it begins to make sense. And still sounds out of tune, but in a musically acceptable way. For even temperament, my ear always tells me the major third is horribly out of tune. I think this comes from working with a string quartet for almost 30 years, where they 'fix' their thirds to be nicely just intonated. So, yeah, the G, never quite right. I'm always going a little sharp with tuning the G, unless I'm mostly working on other notes on the G string, & not playing it open.

In the genre Muddy Waters called "Deep Blues", the minor 3rd and the flatted 7th are not part of the tempered scale and the third especially is probably not even part of the Just scale.

For the flatted 7th, with my scalloped board I often start one fret lower than the flatted 7th and stretch almost to the next note but not quite. It sounds so much better to me. The minor third can cover a somewhat broader range depending on the song and the expression. The fifth gets moved a bit depending and the flatted fifth can make it's appearance sometimes.
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Re: Korg NTS-1 Synth... Build it Yourself keyman27 05/29/20 07:50 PM
Has anyone figured out how to disable the Sleep feature on the NTS-1? I did the update but can't find out how to turn it off.

edit: Here is how: Hold down the Reverb button while powering up the NTS1. Then rotate the TYPE knob to 'SLP', and rotate knob B to '0'.
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Re: OK, the Corona Virus Isn't Going Away. Now What? Anderton 05/29/20 07:44 PM
Originally Posted by Jazzmammal
Craig, even though it's popular and easy to do, comparing the US to S. Korea is useless. It's not the relative size of the populations it's the relative sizes of the countries themselves which is exactly the same reasons why highly dense populations living in small areas can have great mass transit and high speed trains which it's totally impractical here outside of the few obvious places.

Well, as I said, "Granted, the US is a bigger country, and apples to oranges comparisons are inevitable. But still, suppose dealing with the virus here was 100 times more difficult than Taiwan...that would still be only 9,500 deaths instead of 10 times that." But, it works both ways. Countries with developed mass transit systems and dense populations make it easier to test and trace, but it also puts people in closer proximity (like New York), which encourages the spread. But there's no denying that regardless of size, population, etc., South Korea was prepared in case there was another pandemic. I don't see how that could not have made a difference in their ability to contain it.

Of course the US would find it harder to manage a country that's so much larger, where the virus can start on the coasts, and leisurely work its way over thousands of miles to the interior. But the flip side is that the interior should have known it was coming and been prepared. Now several interior states are maxing out ICU beds. No matter how you want to slice it, the US was not prepared, and didn't react as fast as other countries that have had more success in containing the virus.

On a different topic, I find the material at very helpful in getting my head around what's happening. Scroll down to "Where US Coronavirus Cases Are on the Rise." You'll find both encouraging and discouraging signs. For example, it's interesting to track what's happening on the states that have opened, or never locked down significantly in the first place. It's very encouraging that deaths are on the way down, but with cases on the rise and deaths being a lagging indicator, we don't know what's next. Note that the curves are all normalized to peaks, not absolute, but in a way that makes the information much easier to assimilate and understand. (Unfortunately, you were right - it seems your concerns about Wisconsin not opening up correctly have been confirmed.)

Fingers crossed.
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Re: Anyone using math calculations for EQ settings? KuruPrionz 05/29/20 07:05 PM
This just seems silly.
The variables are endless. If you knew the exact frequency response of every single instance of every single instrument and were detailed enough to "correctly" tune all the drums, voice any and all instruments, etc., then there might be a case for applying a calculated set of EQ curves and then listening to see if that even sounds good.

Otherwise, it simply sounds like somebody attempting to create a simple solution for an impossibly complex situation. Not everything is a math problem, hopefully Music is ART!!!!
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Re: California KenElevenShadows 05/29/20 06:32 PM
California and the amazing Mojave Desert!!!

[Linked Image from]
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Re: Motion Sound KP700X - The New Amp BigJPatton 05/29/20 06:27 PM
Nice, that's a beast, the KP-500S is plenty for me right now but would love to try that, and I do believe a large keyboard amp is worth carrying, people that have never played one of the new MS amps just don't know what a pleasure they are, it would take a large powered speaker/PA setup to compete with these new boxes.
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