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Re: Windows MIDI inputs ... gone? mate stubb 07/07/20 03:34 PM
I haven't had to think about the Windows registry for years. What a mine field!
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Re: RMI Electra-Piano Plugin mate stubb 07/07/20 03:31 PM
Plus, it was heavy as hell. And it refused to ever break down to give me a break from my PTSD over its awfulness.

The folding wire legs were kinda cool though...
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Re: In the Lab: Nord Wave 2 Stephen Fortner 07/07/20 03:22 PM
Originally Posted by RudyS
I was really interested in this, but I’m doubting a bit because of the somewhat limited modulation options. Only 1 LFO with only 1 destination. At least on my A1 i van route the LFO to both the osc control and filter. It seems a step back.

RudyS, I'll get deeper into this but on a quick check, the LFO has three destinations: oscillator pitch, the filter, and the oscillator control parameter. This last one is a knob in the oscillator section that controls different thing depending on the type of waveform selected. With a “super saw” it increases the detuning of the stacked waveforms. With shape-able waves (which are themselves a waveform category), it tweaks the shape. Then, remember that you actually have not one LFO but four: one for each Layer, as each Layer in the Wave 2 is a completely independent synth voice. And so on.

I agree with you, though, that for the price, we perhaps could have two LFOs per Layer, with a handful more destinations selectable from the panel. I haven't yet discovered any deeper modulation routings that might be hiding in menus, but I'm pretty sure there aren't any because Nord synths in general tend to be not very menu-driven. They reserve their menus for utilitarian stuff like MIDI settings, overall system settings, etc. That can be a trade-off with synths that take a knob-per-function approach — you get roughly as many functions as you do knobs and buttons. Although (and I digress) the abortive Kurzweil VA-1 was a knob-driven synth that had one of the coolest modulation matrices I'd ever seen: You'd tap a button in this or that panel section to select a destination, then wiggle the knob of what you wanted for a source to modulate it.
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Re: Re-visiting an iPad Live Rig AnotherScott 07/07/20 03:21 PM
Originally Posted by Groove On
I thought I was set on the Roland VR-09b as my portable 61-key all-arounder. Figured it would be a nice match with the iPad, especially the drawbars for the Hammond B-3X.

But I visited a music store today and the staff reminded me that the Korg Kross 61 has a built-in usb audio interface. It was such a clean iPad setup:
- one cable for audio+MIDI
- edge-to-edge keys (no side panel)

Yeah, as with pretty much everything else, no single board ever seems to have everything you'd like. The obvious big trade-off of the Kross approach is no drawbar control, which is okay if you only call up presets.

I actually like the idea of a Casio XW-P1 rather than VR-09 for this purpose...
* the 9 sliders send MIDI CC instead of sysex so configuration is simpler (for B3X or any other apps you may want to integrate)
* it has a place to actually put the iPad
* it has much more flexible splits and layers
* its 100 user setups can all be selected with buttons (on the VR09, only the first 16 are directly selectable, the rest require scrolling)
* its 100 user setups can be recalled via MIDI Program Change
* it functions as a 4-zone MIDI controller (VR09 is basically single zone MIDI, in terms of its internal capabilities)
* its internal sounds can be panned to one output or the other (IIRC)
* it's much lower priced (though unfortunately now discontinued so you'd have to look for a used one)
* it has a regular mod wheel that doesn't spring back (my personal preference, though the Roland lever is kinda cool for rotary control)
* synth editing can be done on-board (instead of only via external app)
* action may be better... the Casio action seems to vary somewhat from unit to unit, but I think many will find it superior to the VR09
* it's even a hair lighter (about a quarter pound)

The big trade-off? While it's strong on synth tones, its acoustic instrument tones (pianos/EPs, strings, horns, winds, etc.) are generally not nearly as good as those in a VR09 (or Kross). So one one hand, I think it's a better iPad mate than the VR09 is, but the flip side of that is that you actually NEED the iPad to get comparable quality for some of these bread and butter sounds. Also, as I recently mentioned in another thread, the Roland has more pleasing aesthetics/ergonomics... e.g. drawbars instead of small sliders, more modern display, button sizing/layout/labeling that is a bit more "musical instrument" and a bit less "computer".

Another alternative to consider is the Vox Continental. It also has a place to put the iPad, and 9-drawbar control via its LED strips, and would have the best action of the bunch. Weaknesses: very limited internal split functions, minimal patch editing, no MIDI zoning, no sound panning. Though at least its 64 user setups are recallable via MIDI and direct button selection. So... different trade-offs. My conclusion in another thread was that, personally, I'd lean toward the Vox over the Roland if using it as a bottom board, but the Roland over the Vox as a top. But I also talked about what may be a particular advantage of the Continental as a B3X controller at

The YC61 mentioned by others could also be worth a look, I haven't seen one of those in the flesh yet. But kind of mirroring your VR09 vs Kross eval, if you don't actually need an internal organ angine and 9-drawbar control, for less money than the YC61, you can get the far more capable MODX6 or MODX7, which--apart from the organ--should sound as good or better than the YC61, and is far more flexible overall, and the really nice Live Set screens for touch-panel named patch recall. Though you do trade-off some easy real-time tweaking (e.g. for effects and split/layer manipulation), and possibly a nicer action. The MODX7 also provides the advantage of a place to put the iPad (though the MODX6 might be able to work for that okay too, if you don't mind a bit of overhang), and the Kross feature you like of handling audio over USB. The Kross does have a few advantages over a MODX... full sequencer, trigger pads, 16-zone MIDI control instead of 8, the ability to assign any of 16 parts to any MIDI channel, light weight/small size, lower price... but MODX has seamless sound switching, more real-time controls, touchscreen interface, FM sound engine, 1 GB of use sample memory, and personally I prefer its sounds and action.

Originally Posted by Stokely
One thing I don't *think* I can do (on the moxf8 at least) is to integrate the ipad sounds into Performances,that appears to be internal sounds only. From reading the manual, looks like if I want to do a split (eg. internal piano on the left, an ipad synth or organ on the right) I'd probably use Master mode.
That's exactly what Master Mode is for (well, I guess one of the two things Master mode is for). Copy your Performance into a Master location, and now you have the identical Performance except with the added function of 4-zone MIDI control.

Originally Posted by Stokely
The left side would be midi transmit off, local on, with the piano assigned. The right would be midi transmit on, local off.
Just to be a little picky about the vernacular, no, you're not using local on or off, which is a specific MIDI function, and not restricted by key range or channel. But I know what you're getting at. What you'd be doing is just a matter of whether you do or do not assign an internal sound to a specific region of keys in that Performance.

Originally Posted by Stokely
I got Model D when it was free and I have Zeeon and Model 15--those synths sound incredible and better than anything in the modx for old-school "analog" to my ear.
Yeah, the MODX does not have a virtual analog engine.
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Re: Acoustic/Electric Recommendation CEB 07/07/20 02:25 PM
My old working acoustic for years was a Ovation I got in the 80s. I had to retire it. It started to develop catastrophic structural issues. That is when I got my Martin a year or so ago. Then I’ve seen a lot of bad stuff come through the shop. My personal thoughts on Ovation is it’s a good product and it may provide a fine 20 years of service but I wouldn’t expect one to last forever like a good conventional wood acoustic.

But .... I was a working player. My guitar had a hard life through the 80s.
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Re: Old Gear / EMU Morpheus psionic11 07/07/20 02:23 PM
Originally Posted by AquilaRift
I haven't figured out how to embed the YT video player in a post yet... sorry.

There are two ways to take a link you copied embed a video:

1) Using Full Editor

-- click on the Insert Media icon (the blue movie director's "Action!" icon)
-- select type of video to insert
-- paste your video link in the popup window

2) Using the quick reply box, to manually enter a video:
-- paste your link like normal text
-- type in the following in front of your link (remove all spaces):
-- [ v i d e o : y o u t u b e ]
-- type in the following after your link (again, no spaces)
-- [ / v i d e o ]
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Re: I would call this an amazing B3 deal Outkaster 07/07/20 01:55 PM
That would have made it to our Facebook page. There are a lot of people looking out for these all the time and we see a lot of fake ads being exposed and sellers also.
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Re: Leslie Preamp pedals Outkaster 07/07/20 01:54 PM
TREK UC1A it's not even close.
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Re: Home Studio Workout with Springsteen Joe P 07/07/20 01:47 PM
Great job, Sam. I saw Bruce several times, most memorable was 4th row at MSG on Thanksgiving Day I think 1980 or 1981. They started out with Born to Run. He dove into the crowd, it was epic! rawk
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Re: Make Keyboards Great Again pinkfloydcramer 07/07/20 01:35 PM
Originally Posted by KuruPrionz
Birds are the original samplers, no? I use to whistle riffs to mockingbirds and they would spread them far and wide. If you could find a quiet place with a significant mockingbird population you could make a heck of a record.

I used to conduct similar experiments with a GF's cockatiel. It would get very excited every day right before the Andy Griffith rerun came on TV, and try to mimic the theme. But it was too brief for it to learn it very well, so being a good whistler back then, I would teach it to the bird after the show went off.

I think a forest full of mockingbirds doing the Smoke On the Water riff, or the recorder part to Stairway to Heaven, would freak me out.
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Re: Anybody remember "Modern Keyboard" magazine? pinkfloydcramer 07/07/20 01:24 PM
I definitely missed the Manzarek issue.

I think that the magazine started as a more accessible and low-tech alternative to Keyboard and lost it's focus towards the end. One of the last issues featured Cecil Taylor. No accompanying transcription. From Eddie Van Halen to the avante garde?
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Anybody played at a Memory Cafe? Tusker 07/07/20 01:03 PM
It seems to be a way to help dementia and Alzheimer's patients. My son tells me he is going to be performing at one online. Seems like a nice way to share some love and make a difference. Anybody done this? What was your experience like? smile
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Re: Knifonium VST Markyboard 07/07/20 12:40 PM
Product along with free 14 day demo now available:

Virtual Knifonium
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Re: Any Omnidirectional Mic Fans Here? SamuelBLupowitz 07/07/20 10:42 AM
Few things make me happier than recording a bunch of vocalists around one omni mic. I want to sound like CSN! My band mates often respond “yeah, but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to mix it later?” I pick my battles...

I’m a big fan of the Roswell Delphos, and I use both its cardioid and omni patterns. I usually default to cardioid, though, so maybe I should try it in omni on some “directional” sources too...
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Re: How to Convert a Bathroom into a Room Reverb Chamber SamuelBLupowitz 07/07/20 10:26 AM
I’ve loved DIY analog reverb solutions for a long time, ever since tracking my first solo album at a home studio where the owner (the father of a college friend) has built and wired up an old-school echo chamber off the live room.

I’ve used tiled hallways and stairwells to great effect (no pun intended) as vocal and guitar reverbs. In my new house, the plumbing access panels we’ve had to cut mean there’s a pretty direct line from the studio to the upstairs bathroom. It is giving me ideas...

EDIT: I actually found an interview with my friend’s dad, the studio owner. His book Studio Stories is a great read.
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Re: RIP Ennio Morricone UnderGroundH 07/07/20 10:16 AM
One of the greatest!
I'm Greek and he was Italian so we were "neighborhoods"...
Let me say goodbye with words from both languages...

Καλό παράδεισο, Μαέστρο!
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Re: Triple Play 1.5 Update KuruPrionz 07/07/20 07:29 AM
I scanned all the new VST plugins I wanted just for the Triple Play.
The Native Instruments "host" VSTs like Kontakt and Reactor Players open but the plugins they host are all AU so nothing works.

I'll toss them out again, I have more than enough sounds now.

Surge - free synth VST - is nice and plays well with Triple Play. Arturian Analog Lab 4 is awesome. I find I need to set the latency up around 9ms or so in Triple Play even at 44.1 or 48 (where I'd prefer to stay), for the plugins to not be too glitchy, especially if I start piling notes in or using more than one synth at a time.

It's probably going to be best to just run one syth, choose a good sound and sprinkle just a bit of it in a recording and call that good. It's just too easy to pile things in.

I haven't messed with the guitar channel at all. Not sure if I will, it's not what I wanted the MIDI controller for since it is so easy to just plug in the pickups and has zero latency internally.

I don't thnk it's ever going to feel like playing a guitar but it's still funner/easier for me than learning keys.
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Re: Classic sounds with modern faces... Anderton 07/07/20 06:08 AM
Originally Posted by Sundown
The other thing I support with plugin replicas is common-sense feature enhancements.

I think Arturia is good in that respect. They straddle the line between being faithful to the original, while adding options the original never had.
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Re: The ultimate ear wake-up call... Anderton 07/07/20 06:06 AM
There are a lot of Madonna tracks with excellent production, on all levels. "Open Your Heart" always got to me, I'd love to do a cover of it someday. I also think the "Ray of Light" album is pretty amazing.

It's too bad she's sort of fallen out of fashion, I think she probably has some good music left in her.
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Re: OK, the Corona Virus Isn't Going Away. Now What? Anderton 07/07/20 06:00 AM
If the virus is airborne, then the solution is simple: book them on United. With all the delays, they'll lose their potency before they get where they're going.

In any case, a lot of people are being infected. I do think (hope) that as time goes on, it will be possible to narrow on the most likely scenarios for that to happen, and how to prevent it. I would certainly be more inclined to believe conclusions that are coming out now after being with the damn thing for five months, than when it first hit and people had even less of a clue.
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Re: In The Lab: Meet the ASM Hydrasynth! DrSynth 07/07/20 04:24 AM
Originally Posted by AquilaRift
So I spotted Dr Synths two short example vids on YouTube... I'll let him link to those if he prefers. I left a comment on one vid... smile


Check your PM

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Re: Partially OT: small portable amplifier Fleer 07/07/20 02:42 AM
Originally Posted by Toano88
I have an iLoud speaker and I love that thing. I have used it to play outdoors with an iPad and a battery power supply attached to an alesis controller. But its more than that, I found that if I sanity check a mix through it and if it sounds good on that, it will usually sound good on anything. I also use it for music outdoors and the beach. Before the pandemic when I could actually go to the beach! I tried it side by side with a bose sound blue tooth system they sounded so close I went with the iLoud because it was cheaper. No regrets.
Same here. Nothing but love for the IK iLoud.
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Emotiva Airmotiv 6 monitors (pair) Ed A. 07/07/20 02:40 AM
Emotiva Airmotiv 6 bi-amplified powered studio monitors.


Frequency Response:
42 Hz to 25 kHz +0 / -3 dB

Input Connectors:
One unbalanced (RCA)
One professional balanced (XLR)

Driver complement:
One 60 x 32 mm Airmotiv high-frequency transducer (Heil Air-Motion Transformer design)
One 165 mm (6.5 inch) Airmotiv low-frequency transducer Bass Alignment: Single rear-oriented slot-loaded port

High-frequency amplifier:
100 watts RMS; S/N > 100 dB; THD+N < 0.05% @ 20W, 10 kHz Low-frequency amplifier:
110 watts RMS; S/N > 100 dB; THD+N < 0.05% @ 100W, 100 Hz

Precision multi-pole phase compensated fully active crossover Crossover frequency: 2500 Hz

Adjustments and Calibrations:
HF gain, LF gain, and overall gain calibrated to standard within 1.0 dB
High frequency adjustment:
4 kHz turnover frequency; 0 (calibrated), +2 dB, -2 dB @ 20 kHz
Low frequency adjustment:
150 Hz turnover frequency; 0 (calibrated), -2 dB, -4 dB @ 20 Hz

Power Source:
120 VAC 50/60 Hz +/- 10% or 230 VAC 50/60 Hz +/- 10% IEC standard removable power cord.

Size (each):
13.4” high x 8.4” wide x 11.3” deep (340 mm x 214 mm x 286 mm)


Power cords, original boxes.

$300 for the pair, plus shipping. PayPal or cash local pick up.

[Linked Image from]
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Re: DAW control surfaces fall short on one detail... Sundown 07/07/20 02:36 AM
Hey all,

Just a funny bit of irony... I purchased Cubase 10.5 on a sale, and later in the year I'll install it when I roll to Win10. Right now I just downloaded the 10.5 demo to my leisure laptop to get a feel for it.

Funny enough, one of the things they discarded (versus version 6.5) is the dual pan pots on stereo channels. They still have the combined panner (which is very much the same thing as two pan pots in practice), but the option of having two totally discrete pan pots is gone. But even stranger, they allow you to continue to use dual pan pots if you have a remote control surface that supports it (of which none I know of none).

I'm actually going to try using the traditional balance panner on some projects to see what results I get. Maybe I've been overcomplicating things.

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Re: A lil classicish rock from my Paoletti Tele Music With Marky 07/07/20 02:24 AM
Originally Posted by Larryz
Loved it! Great job! love thu clap

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