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Re: OT: Cool music Jazz+ 05/07/21 07:13 PM
This revived it

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Re: Tom Jones' new album Marzzz 05/07/21 07:11 PM
He sang the theme to James Bond "Thunderball" back in 1965; more recent YouTubes of him singing this song show 1) he's still got it and 2) can still sing it in the same key.
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Re: Count this..... Jazz+ 05/07/21 07:02 PM
Excellent, I compliment you on your analysis.

Originally Posted by AnotherScott
Originally Posted by Rodan88
it's essentially all in 3/4 (as is typical for the genre), with shifting accents/phrasing that make it SEEM to be more complicated than it is.
The entire rhythmic sequence is in 12. So you certainly could see it as 3/4 with shifting accents, that will work. Whether that's the best way to count it, or the best way to feel it, or the best way to chart it, is less clear, but yes, you could see it as paired measures of 3/4 where every second measure has its accent moved from the "one" to the following "and."

Assuming each accent should be felt as a downbeat, the pattern is: 1-2, 1-2, 1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2

So that 3/4 counting would be: ONE and TWO and THREE and one AND two and THREE and.

Which seems almost easy, except that the chord changes or musical phrase beginnings don't always coincide with those initial ONEs. So the stuff being played over the main rhythm doesn't necessarily "align" which makes it harder to feel this as "simply" a syncopated three.

From wikipedia:

Siguiriyas (Spanish pronunciation: [seɣiˈɾiʝas]; also seguiriyas, siguerillas, siguirillas, seguidilla gitana, etc.) are a form of flamenco music in the cante jondo category. This deep, expressive style is among the most important in flamenco. Siguiriyas are normally played in the key of A Phrygian with each measure (the compás) consisting of 12 counts with emphasis on the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 8th and 11th beats as shown here:

[1] 2 [3] 4 [5] 6 7 [8] 9 10 [11] 12
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Re: HX3 MIDI expander module Analogaddict 05/07/21 06:48 PM
Thanks a lot! Got it!
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Re: Replace powered monitor drawback 05/07/21 06:41 PM
Just going a bit farther afield here... does anyone have experience with these recent Cerwin Vega products? The brand used to be fairly widespread, but lately I've only noticed them selling at a Canadian retailer.


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Re: Two Keyboard Rig - Same or different brands roygBiv 05/07/21 06:38 PM
Originally Posted by Morrissey SixMan
The confounding left panel on the RD64 (it negates the compactness of the 64 key hammer board!) is slightly forgivable in light of Roland's intent for it to be paired with the VR09.

Yeah, that thing annoyed me until I realized just what you said - I think that was a conscious decision to allow them to come closer together. Since I never use the Roland hand-wavy thing they seem to love so much, I just slide the VR09 right up to the edge of the RD64 keybed.

The biggest plusses of the RD64 - only 3 sound options for each piano/ep/clav/organ. Keeps you from too much paralysis by analysis. "Oh, well, guess I'll use this sound and get on with it". The Pianos especially are great sounding, the EPs not bad, and Clav's pretty good. Organ sounds are pretty useless. If you need more sounds, you can also use the RD64 in "MIDI controller mode" to run an iPad or sound module.
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Re: Small DAWless setups, cheap add-ons. GovernorSilver 05/07/21 06:32 PM
Roland MC-101 can receive on 4 MIDI channels (multitimbral) , has 128-voice polyphony, fairly low price, and a small physical footprint. Sound engine is Zen-Core. Filters sound great to me but that's subjective of course.

Main downside is you need Zenology Pro for deep sound editing. The MC-101's onboard knobs and stuff are for quick tweaks like filter cutoff and other usual quick-edit stuff.

It was very recently updated, although most of the updates seem to be on the groovebox side of the 101 rather than the synthesis side.

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Re: Kurzweil VAST experiences - 2021 Edition Lady Gaia 05/07/21 06:19 PM
I was sold on VAST right from the original K2000. I traded it for a K2500XS when the time came, and when KDFX arrived I found little reason to look at anything else on the market. For a good long while everything seemed so primitive and limited by comparison, at least in the digital realm. I also got very busy professionally in my non music-related career, and didn't find a compelling reason to upgrade until movers damaged my baby when I relocated in 2017.

So I finally had an excuse to jump forward a few revisions with a Forte and I "love what they've done with the place" since the last time I dug around in the dark corners of the synthesis engine. I do miss the dedicated editing/sequencing/arpeggiation controls that have since been reintroduced on the PC4 and K2700, I realize that taking full advantage of what the instrument is capable of with 32 layer monster patches can be a painful process from the front panel, and I'd sure like to see modulations updated more frequently than the original pokey 50Hz update rate - but what's there is still unique and capable of some amazing sonic feats. The fact that there's a full 6-operator FM engine in the mix now, and that it can both take part in the cascaded layer scheme and be treated with KDFX keeps the instrument fresh and full of possibility for me.
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Re: Kurzweil PC4 Toano88 05/07/21 05:54 PM
I have an SP6 and the DeepMind 12 I have some multi setups on the SP6 that use both.
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Re: Arturia Keystep quality Toano88 05/07/21 05:43 PM
I have the Key Step 32, I agree they are the best mini keys out there. However, I just don't get along with mini keys. I really wish they had the same thing in full sized. For this reason I'm going to get a Novation Launchkey 37 mk3.
But if you need mini keys, I don't think there is anything better than the Arturia.
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Re: OT: I just got the vaccine. Ask me anything. Docbop 05/07/21 04:53 PM
Originally Posted by MathOfInsects
I'm not a fan of legislating morality, but I do think it will take some legislative coercion to close the final gap. Want to come to school? No problem. You'll need to include COVID-19 among your updated vaccinations. That won't address the adult issue, but will help things nudge toward eradication going forward.

I think if it get expanded to airline and other forms of travel, major concerts and sporting events, and so on then more people will get vaccinated so they can get back to "normal". I'm already seeing people that were part of the anti-vac, anti-mask, don't distance, that are started to get vaccinated. I even know families where the husband and wife both were anti-vac and one of them went and got vaccinated and not telling their spouse. Usually the one that has to go out into the public to work or shop all the time.

I think by end of summer probably only the radical conspiracy types will be the one not vaccinated. People are slowly started to take the attitude it's better to be safe than sorry.
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Re: New York Planning $25MM Relief for Artists Anderton 05/07/21 04:38 PM
Originally Posted by The Real MC
Public funding of the arts has had its share of controversy.

True. Interestingly, I was in the Netherlands several years back, where if you were an artist you could basically have subsistence-level living from the government (don't know if that's still the case). The object was to encourage the arts, and hopefully, the artists would be able to parlay their exposure into a gig.

I remarked to a friend of mine who lived there how that seemed like a pretty cool idea. He said that it resulted in art from bored artists. He felt dealing with everyday life and conflict was the crucible in which great art was often formed. Picking up a check at some government office...not so much.
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Re: Ready for a Ride into the Future? Chip McDonald 05/07/21 04:23 PM
Originally Posted by Doerfler
In addition, they have to be "mask police" in general. So they ask people to wear masks, and then they don't get tipped.

Front line EMS, cashiers, waitresses and teachers are asked to be put into hazardous conditions, but without hazard pay. Nobless oblige applies; people "higher up" have gotten rewards for creating a situation where these people MUST do this, but they've ignored compensating them.

My wife HAD to work in a non-front line job, but a technical situation where she couldn't lock down. People don't remember, but maybe for a week or so the topic of hazard pay was a national discussion - but they tamped that down real quick. And becauset of course no politician aside from Jacinda Ahearn had the spine to implement real proactive measures, to LEAD, these Karen encounters keep happening to people like waiters/waitresses. It's ridiculous.
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Re: OT: Inexpensive phone carrier Coker 05/07/21 04:08 PM
Check out Affinity Cellular. It’s supposed to be for AAA members only, possibly not. Really cheap and uses Verizon network. We’ve had them for years.
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D-50 Patches - Ultimate Patches ElmerJFudd 05/07/21 03:16 PM
Caught this today - they say compatible with D-50, D-05, D-50 card in the VSynth XT and the Roland Cloud D-50.

Nice pack covering a lot of sound-a-like patches in various popular styles.

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Re: Hello! I'm new to this forum. Notes_Norton 05/07/21 01:11 PM
Thanks again, Ken.

The Lumix is a nice camera, it's just that technology has improved leaps and bounds in the last 10 years.

Right now I'm trying to figure out how to get dust that is stuck on old slides off the slides without damaging them. I'm working on a lot of slides that aren't keepers, and the advice for alcohol doesn't work. Rubbing with a microfiber gets the loose stuff off, but to get the dust that's stuck on them means I have to rub too hard on the printed side.

The slides were shot with my old K1000 and EOS cameras. I still have the EOS film camera somewhere, I guess it's worthless now.

I choose not to live with air conditioning, and so storage in a high humidity area is probably the problem. Ah the sacrifices I make to save the environment. grin

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Re: Do you know of any Stock Audio sites? Notes_Norton 05/07/21 01:06 PM

I don't want to start one though. The legal, management, website, promotion, etc. parts would probably be too time-consuming for me. I just want to do the 'art' part, not the 'biz' part.

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Re: WTB: Leslie Studio 12 Delaware Dave 05/07/21 12:34 PM
Hi Steve, I have a Motion Sound Pro3T/Low Pro combination. It comes in two pieces, the Pro3T at 27 pounds and the Low Pro at 55 pounds. They connect via a standard 5 pin MIDI plug. The Pro3T has a 12AX7 type tube on the front end, providing some warmth. Both have their own solid state output amplifiers (like the Studio 12). Easier to transport as they come in two pieces. 175 watts of power as opposed to the Leslie 12's 100 watts. The Low Pro also has a 'deep' setting if you need that 122 type bass (or if you kick pedals). The Pro3T can also be used by itself as it offers a drum simulation (like the 2101 leslie) as an option for small quick gigs. The price is also 1/2 of the Studio 12. Might want to research that. Picture below:

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Sisters with Transistors JulianJ 05/07/21 09:34 AM
Dear All,

Thought this might be of interest;

An 86 minute documentary on the "untold story of electronic music’s female pioneers".

Worth watching just to hear Delia Derbyshire's wonderful speaking voice!

Kind regards
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Re: Small amp, huge cab? Mark Schmieder 05/07/21 07:20 AM
Excellent point also about how smaller setups are easier for sound technicians to mic up at a gig if they want to capture the sound of the rig vs. taking a DI to the board.
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Re: Intelligent/Floating Splits on the FA-06 (and others) Jr. Deluxe 05/07/21 06:15 AM
Originally Posted by harmonizer
The FA-06/07/08 allow you to define a Studio Set having 16 parts, with a separately specified lower and upper range for each of those 16 parts.

You can also define a customer scale for each of the 16 parts. I have used this to put in place fine tuning for different pitches within a part, shifting certain notes up 50 cents and others down 50 cents, and then added a separate coarse tuning for the entire part. Came in useful when triggering chords by pressing a single key with my foot on a MIDI footpedal controller (while both hands were busy playing a sax), because the 16 parts was not enough.

What I did was probably not normal, but it does show there is a lot of flexibility in the split capability of an FA-06/07/08.
You can do all that on the roland DS too.
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Re: Is Fatar TP40L supposed to have 3-4 graded spring zones? Mike Warren 05/07/21 05:09 AM
Probably the reason you're not getting any answers is because most people who have used keyboards with the TP40L have the same experience as me. I owned a PC3X for about 7 years and have owned a Forte for over 6 years now. Both have TP40L keybeds, and both were not graded. I don't know why yours is different, but my guess is that you have been supplied another model.
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Re: IEMs. Isolated or ambient? KeyMoe 05/07/21 04:43 AM
Isolated here and love them!
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Re: OT - ‘And You and I’ on a Chapman Stick TommyRude 05/07/21 04:15 AM
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Re: Hey, Pianoteq players! miden 05/07/21 03:58 AM
Grotrian for sure, fwiw.

I had Ravenscroft and swapped over to PT - best move!
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