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Re: Working with Bassists? BbAltered 11/18/19 08:48 PM
The soul band I play with does a version of Stevie Wonder's I Wish. In this case, it is the bass player stepping on my part!! I allow it and I don't give him any grief for it. We play that bass line together and it is extra punchy. My RH comps the clav part.
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Re: new rig daydreaming - recommendations? Jazz+ 11/18/19 08:46 PM
Casio PX-S3000 does it all for me. I don't see the need anymore for expensive boutique keyboards when the 25 pound Casio does everything I could ever need.
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Re: NAMM hang Dave Bryce 11/18/19 08:43 PM
Originally Posted by OB Dave
Originally Posted by Joe Muscara
It has? idk

It's in the fourth post, not the top post. I missed it too!

Sorry - should probably have said have said original list (fourth post from the top). idk

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Re: Simple iphone app to send MIDI Program Change JKS111 11/18/19 08:35 PM
MidiPad supports cc messages 0-127 (although you have to add 1 to midi control values in the interface for some reason) so I guess it supports bank select but I’ve never tried it.
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Re: I Had to Give Up an A-100 Today samuelblupowitz 11/18/19 08:31 PM
That'll teach me to live on the other side of the country from you, Joe.
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Re: O.T. An Appreciation of Sven Joe Muscara 11/18/19 08:20 PM
Sven who? idk
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Re: A simple cloud audio processing example Theo Verelst 11/18/19 08:18 PM
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Re: Still concentrating a Hammond in two pounds and 1 gallon GregC 11/18/19 08:10 PM
Originally Posted by Outkaster
Too much trouble Greg.

LOL. I know. Some of us have time to kick it around
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Re: OT: 2019 Formula 1 Season Joe Muscara 11/18/19 08:00 PM
That was nuts. Maybe F1 should take one from NASCAR's playbook and start putting the safety car out there "for debris"! grin
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Re: PX-S3000 and MODX6 at the gig EscapeRocks 11/18/19 07:55 PM
Originally Posted by bfields
So, the MODX can handle all the splits/layers/zones that you need on the S3000's keyboard while the S3000 just transmits everything on a single channel?

I should go read the MODX manual.

As I just said to Tim above, it's not quite that simple. You have to get very creative with the Keyboard Control status, scene control, and where you apply and block expression and other CC#'s received by the MODX. It's a lot easier of you have a MODX8 and simply use a controller (like my Arturia Keylab) to play parts you don't play from the MODX8.
After Saturday's gig I found some areas I need to play with.

Just like when I setup a Mainstage concert. Only you can decide if some of the trade-offs are worth it to you for the simplicity of setting up two lightweight boards.
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Re: Rogue's Gallery of Tech Failures Notes_Norton 11/18/19 07:50 PM
Agreed, a stepping stone can't be considered a failure.

So I'll take back everything but the 8 track tape player and the Atari/ST computer.

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Re: Band Rehearsals - Sound Levels Joe Muscara 11/18/19 07:38 PM
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Re: Kurzweil Forte V4.0 is live ... Outkaster 11/18/19 07:38 PM
I installed it really quick after a gig. I haven't dived into anything yet? What have you noticed?
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Re: Roland Jupiter X(m) MikeT156 11/18/19 07:30 PM
Copied from the Specs for the Xm on Sweetwater's site:

4,000 Preset Tones, 256 User Tones, 90 Drum Kits, 256 Scenes

Lots of sounds from different Roland synth models and drums, packaged in one 37 key synth. Small enough to use as an auxiliary keyboard, and affordable at $1499.00

There's always a place for a smaller KB that can wear a lot of hats that is not too expensive to justify.

Mike T.
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Re: Motion Sound KP612S vs. KP610S? Dave Ferris 11/18/19 07:02 PM
Thanks Al. Yeah the poles are a pia, as is placement and the four extra patch cords I use - 2 ACs for the cabs and 2 XLRs going out of the JMK JM-110 into the TT08As. Plus the AC on the power supply of the JM-110 and the xlr to connect the PS to the pre/ di. So it's really six cords (excluding the two stereo instrument cords) for one instrument running stereo. Insanity for sure. cry

The short York speaker poles have been working well -
lower height ( not as much in everyone's ears close by) and less floor space. But still two more extra things to carry...and maybe forget on the load out.

Getting the amp off the ground seems to require schlepping a guitar amp stand, like DaBous mentioned some posts back. If you can find a light one, that's sturdy and breaks down easily , it might not be too bad.

The convenience sounds so attractive. If the sound is in the same ballpark as the TT08As for the CP4, I might get one. Will wait for your gig report.
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Re: Ryuchi Sakamoto "Bibo No Aozora" yannis D 11/18/19 06:51 PM
Masterpiece. I love Sakamoto
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Re: Mag Custom Organs ghiromax 11/18/19 06:22 PM
LX 88,

I have the feeling your information is not updated... since about 15 months the 3.5 version of the HX3 board is available running the 5.XXX SW. It's a brand new HW board that, while keeping a form factor and connection layout identical to the previous series, is based on way more powerful chipset and offers a load of additional features. Nothing which can push the B-3 purist to feel ":underpowered", the additional features are more aimed to the people willing to explore with different organ sound generators (H-100, M-Series, frequency divider electronic organs and so on) In addition to that some so-called Extra sounds are available (even though the current quality is nothing to let you write home... but new sounds should be soon or later available),

The previous version of SW 4.25 received some minor updates some weeks after that release of the new HW (curiously retaining the version index to the best of my knowledge) and then quite understandably no further development work has been done on it.

I frankly speaking received only enthusiastic comments from my clients (most of which owned/played extensively any other organ on the market including the one you play) about the authenticity of the V/C but your opinion is, of course, sovereign. If you feel like asking something about my settings, feel free to PM me and I'll do my best to help you finding your sweet spot.
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Re: OT: Great Albums; Peter Gabriel's So- A Documentary philtre71 11/18/19 06:17 PM
On reflection, that was a bit disrespectful to Rhodes, who I think is a great player and perfect for Gabriel's music.
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Re: Your most disappointing microphone KuruPrionz 11/18/19 06:11 PM
As of today, my most disappointing microphone is the Shure Beta 87A that I'd been using for over a decade as a live vocal mic.
A friend of mine was tweaking something on his upright bass and knocked my mic stand over.
The mic hit a hardwood floor head on. It died, a paperweight

He took it and said he had a friend who fixed mics. So far, nothing. I am not quite sure what I am going to do about it.
Shure will make it like new for $125, I told him I could carry a portion of that. No response yet. It's possible he just sent it in, he's a solid guy.

I'm using an Audix OM-2 I found at a pawn shop in like new condition for $25 and it's fine but no match for the Shure.
In context, I wish I'd gotten the Beta 87C which has a bit larger sweet spot. Ugh...

Long ago, I bought 2 SM58s and 2 AKG D-1000E. I might like the AKG mics now but I hated them then and did not miss them when I flipped them for a loss. Just didn't sound good to me back then.
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Re: Behringer - Beethoven's 5th, a W, 30... RudyS 11/18/19 05:50 PM
Why does it only have 8 preamps, and 40 inputs? Are the other 32 line inputs, or are you expected to use external preamps and connect via AES or something?
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More Bad News for Rock - Chuck E. Cheese Band is Dust GuardiansGuitar 11/18/19 05:50 PM
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GoG Artist JJ Savage Hits #1 GuardiansGuitar 11/18/19 05:43 PM
Well, he slipped down to #2 after a run at #1 on the Reverbnation charts, but it still warms my heart that his debut guitar-driven rock single is doing so nicely in an era where it can be brutally difficult to get traction on guitar music. Yay!
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Re: Motion Sound KP 408S BigJPatton 11/18/19 05:32 PM
I doubt any powered speaker setup sounds better for organ and electric pianos, probably synths as well.
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Re: best softsynths for filmmusic? Dr Mike Metlay 11/18/19 05:20 PM
As long as it sounds good, the software doesn’t have to be expensive or flashy. Perhaps the best example of this is Zebra by u-he. Hans Zimmer used it for much of the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy. Admittedly, he did ask for some extra filter features that aren’t in the regular software, but in my experience that’s a relatively small difference from the one you can buy easily. I’m not sure if the Dark Zebra version is still available, but it was for a while.
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Re: Semi OT: Star Wars-the battle continues surfergirl 11/18/19 05:08 PM
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