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Re: Angela Hewitt's Fazioli dropped and destroyed ! Dave Ferris 02/18/20 07:02 AM
And a follow up post from Ms. Hewitt:

To say that the past few days has been overwhelming is an understatement. I had no idea my Facebook post about the unfortunate accident involving my precious Fazioli F278 would go viral, with such intense media interest. First of all I must say a huge thank you to all my friends and fans from around the world who have offered their support and written such warm words of sympathy and encouragement. That was very heart-warming, and I appreciate it hugely. As for the story being in practically every newspaper in the world, on TV and radio stations, being the subject of a phone-in programme on BBC Radio 2, evidently on the news screens in the Berlin Underground....what can I say? I refused all spoken interviews. Thank goodness. The last thing I wanted was to sensationalise the story. But that is the world in which we live today. News travels fast! It left me rather exhausted. Last night I slept for 10 hours after a few nights of not much sleep.

I just want to make one thing clear that perhaps has been misunderstood: I did not travel the world with that piano. It went out of my house in Italy only for recording sessions (two or three times a year), for my Trasimeno Music Festival in Umbria in the summer, and for the odd concert in Italy or once or twice further afield. For recording, one needs the best, and it never let me down. Those of you who heard it at the festival in Umbria will not forget its beauty (especially last summer when I played Beethoven's Op. 111 on it for the first time). Otherwise, I have been fortunate to play on many Faziolis of the same model (or the F308) provided by their dealers around the world (and in Ontario on one of my own that resides in my home town of Ottawa). If I had taken it everywhere, I would have been broke long ago.

But yes, it's time to move on, even though I will always miss that glorious piano. For various reasons, a new one will be chosen probably only in mid-July.

And through all of this I've been practising like mad--on a Yamaha upright I had to rent in the meantime, and on an electronic keyboard here in my hotel room in Pistoia, Tuscany. Tonight I'm performing (and conducting) Bach and Mozart Concertos with the wonderful Orchestra Leonore--a relatively new group made up of some of the best freelance players in Europe. It has been a total joy and has really lifted my spirits! Thanks to tonight's concertmaster Meesun Hong Coleman (with me in the photo) who has done a fantastic job.…/conce…/2020-febbraio-15/
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Re: IK Multimedia UPDATE 021420 PaulSchrier 02/18/20 07:00 AM

I am an IK Multimedia customer and a potential buyer of the Hammond B-3X for iPad app. I would like to be able to review the user manual before making a purchase decision. How can I get access to the Hammond B-3X for iPad User Manual prior to buying the app? I would also like to know if it is possible to export presets from B-3X for iPad so that they can be transferred to another iPad or shared with another B-3X user. Any information would be helpful.

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Re: Too excited Tusker 02/18/20 06:54 AM

The best reasons to play music, indeed.
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Re: Full Compass ordering experience? Shamanczarek 02/18/20 06:41 AM
I purchased my Stage 3 Compact from Full Compass. Last year they had some great B-stock deals on these. I am a happy customer.
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Re: Mics you / I own, what's good? KuruPrionz 02/18/20 06:15 AM
Originally Posted by Dave Bryce
Careful, brother Kuru - next thing you know, you’ll be looking into expensive power cables. shudder duck hugegrin


First I want to line all the walls with lead. :- D

I think I'm good for power now. The Furman is rated for 20 amps. That is absurdly more than I should need. The cord on that is stupid thick.
I shouldn't need to get another one, ever. It looks very solid.

Dressing the cables is more than enough for now. I can keep using the gear if I just do a couple at a time.
There's not a single cord that isn't too long, some of them are WAY too long. Not that many of them, I want to stay simple.
Photos are pre-hookup. Just image a mess of long cables hanging out all over cuz that's what it is right now.
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Re: What standard tune is this? Docbop 02/18/20 05:58 AM
Originally Posted by Dave Ferris
Yes I get it. D is a beautiful acoustic guitar key for Brazilian/ Bossa type interpretations of Standards and such.

There's a reason so Many of Jobim's tunes were written in D, A and G. The Jazz people just put them in their friendly keys- Bb, Eb and F.

Those Guitar keys are so they can use open strings which can add nice sound and some case play more piano like voicings. Jazz guitarist like Jim Hall used to play a lot in "Jazz" flat keys because he could use the open strings to add altered tensions to chords.
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Re: MPN TEAM TEST: Arturia Pigments 2 davedoerfler 02/18/20 05:57 AM
Excellent post Eric. I just spent 2 hours blowing through the presets. I had gotten away from VST's recently, so I am very happy to be turned on to this one. I own everything from G Force Software and also own Native Instruments Komplete 12 so I am not new to software sounds, I am extremely impressed with what I heard and how little CPU power is needed. Definately holds it's own against NI Massive. Great to have so many choices. cool
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Re: Karn Evil 9 - the movie S_Gould 02/18/20 05:51 AM
Keep it cool; keep it cool
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Too excited J. Dead 02/18/20 05:33 AM
I love the stuff we're doing for our next CD and am so proud of my solos. I want to just share my solos in here, if nothing else, but I'm not the songwriter and probably shouldn't share stuff without approval. So I guess I'll sit on it for now...but I am SO excited. LOVING what we are doing..
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Musical genre and classification J. Dead 02/18/20 05:31 AM
I've generally been anti-classification and have posted many threads on the topic on the KC. But despite my history playing 80s tribute bands and classic rock, I now spend my time in an original progressive metal band. Metal has a myriad of sub genres. When I try to explain to people what I do, the sub genres are my only way to attempt to communicate to them what I do.

So at the end of the day, these classifications and sub genres are all we have to communicate what we feel.

How do you feel about genres, sub genres, classifications, etc?
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Re: Bad noise on tube amp KuruPrionz 02/18/20 05:26 AM
Could be as simple as corrosion. Jacks are notorious, check for scratchy pots and get some Caig De-Oxit if you don't have any and do all the tube sockets and tube pins.

Fender amps use the chassis as ground so check that ALL the jacks are tightend to clean metal on the chassis. Also check any ground connections from circuts to chassis for the same thing.

Little things but they mean a lot. If the amp has been sitting it is time for a bit of house-cleaning. Cheers, Kuru
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Re: Best Clavinet from stage piano (CP88, GS, MP7SE, SV-2) bachsteady 02/18/20 05:23 AM
I actually thought the clav on the Crumar Mojo was surprisingly good.
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Re: Will 8 track tapes become the next hipster thing ? KuruPrionz 02/18/20 05:20 AM
Originally Posted by David Emm
Originally Posted by KuruPrionz
Originally Posted by David Emm
If it does become the next hipster thing, the NEXT one will be picking up a stick and beating anyone who brags about it.

Full disclosure: I have 40-year-old cassettes whose fidelity remains all but unblemished. So, I'm an old fart, a living testimonial for the format and a cackling old collector who still listens to Charles Ives' "American Variations" for simple pleasure. Tip: Teens may be impressed by "Close To The Edge," but most run from Captain Beefheart.

Hahaha!!! I've a good friend from Holland who loves "symphonic rock". I introduced him to the Dregs, that went down pretty well. He had heard of Return To Forever and Weather Report but needed a reminder. Fine.

Captain Beefheart terrorized him!!! We used to listen to Trout Mask Replica when it came out because it would make my friend's parents leave the building. I have my Captain Beefheart moods to this day. I consider him to be one of the most under-rated and influential musicians in popular music.
Not on 8 track or cassette though, must listen to horrible sounding YouTube music!!!! :- D

I was fortunate to have been exposed to music across a wide range from an early age. I developed my prog favorites, but I also learned that the winning question wasn't "Why do you like that?", but "How did you first come to hear that?" Its led to the kinds of cross-connections we all love, like my discovery of Cannonball Adderly because his keyboard player, the great George Duke, was part of Zappa's band for a while. Its only sensible that you find your own personal partitions so you can make worthwhile music of your own, but its never a bad idea to be open to new influences.

Beefheart's angular "Tropical Hot Dog Night" slays me. I took an opportunity to play it for a group of rather straight-laced people and the reactions were amusingly mixed. Some puckered up, some laughed out loud in spots. Hm! Look Mom, its an audio Rorschach test.

I was also very lucky. Mom had diverse tastes in music, from Roger Miller to Brahms. When Carlos Montoya, Artur Rubenstein and Joan Baez came to town, we went to the concerts. We watched Ed Sullivan, Red Skelton, Smothers Brothers, Johnny Cash and Glen Campbell's TV shows, all kinds of popular music. My brother put a decent stereo system together with Garrard turntable, Fisher tube power amp and a pair of homemade 3 way speakers using Radio Shack drivers. It sounded better than everything else I'd listened to at that point but more importantly, he would go to Tower Records and buy stuff that was more or less off the beaten path for Fresno boys. So I listened to story-telling songs from Kenya, Turkish Village Music, Monk, Miles and Mingus, Sun Ra, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Bach, Beethoven, Stravinsky, Blind Blake etc. I remember when he came home with a John Lee Hooker album and mom didn't like that one so he went back and got another one!!!!

Then my friends started buying anything by Zappa or connected thereto like Wild Man Fischer and Captain Beefheart.

And concerts - being inbetween LA and San Francisco meant we often got major acts coming through. I saw Yes and ELP twice, UK, Jethro Tull, The Dregs/Dixie Dregs, Herbie Hancock on the Headhunter tour, The Who on the Tommy tour and a huge list of other great stuff. Plus we found out you could go to the dress rehearsals for the Fresno Philharmonic for free so I hear Jean Pierre Rampal and other artists whose names I have forgotten. It was interesting when the conductor would stop a piece, discuss corrections and go through it again, that was an education you can't buy anywhere.

So I am very open-minded and curious to hear just about anything. But not on 8 track tape!!!!
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Re: IK Multimedia UPDATE 021420 Jr. Deluxe 02/18/20 05:18 AM
I gotta say. I criticized the first release for buffer problems and a weak high end. After a short check on the new version it seems that b3x is now ready for prime time. I haven't fully tried everything but I tried the stuff that was weak last time like the wah. I set it on the hard rock preset and flipped on the wah and it wahhed without buffer glitching. The low end no longer ducks the highs. It sounds like a different organ app. Comp is an ipad mini 4 with the latest ios as of December. Its possible that maxing out the eq or other extreme fx settings will glitch. Maybe not. If all it does is what it does for me now it's good enough for 99bucks.

Edit. I wish they had put in a delay instead of 2 reverbs.
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Re: Headphones you use? EricBarker 02/18/20 05:08 AM
My problem is that if I NEED headphones, it's because I need separation from the outside world, so Open Back are kind of out of the question, otherwise I'd just used NF speakers.
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Kurzweil PC4 versus Roland RD2000 musomarc 02/18/20 05:07 AM
Hi all. I am contemplating buying a Kurzweil PC4.I currently own a Roland RD2000 which I love the ability of 8 zones, faders and being able to mix either eight internal or a combination internal and external sounds with either another synth or main stage.BUT as an older musician when gigging and lugging find it way too heavy to lift and transport.
Anyone gone down this path prior to getting a PC4? Is the PC4 with it’s sliders and multi setup able to do much the same thing, comparable sounds and a more lightweight and easier to transport gigging keyboard? How does action on PC4 compare to RD2000?
Any comments,advice and feedback would be most appreciated👍🏻🎹🎶
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Re: Horrible news wraub 02/18/20 05:05 AM
A skilled maker and player, and an important figure in the bass world.

RIP, indeed.
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Re: I'm playing drums now... wraub 02/18/20 05:03 AM
...a week or so later, and, I am definitely thinking like a drummer...scary stuff. grin I already have gear likes and dislikes...

Actually, I'm realizing how much like a drummer I have always thought as a bass player... all the years of feeling "the one" have definitely helped here. wink's really fun. I recommend that everybody have a drum set in their living room.'s not bad. smile
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Re: What standard tune is this? Dave Ferris 02/18/20 04:53 AM
Yes I get it. D is a beautiful acoustic guitar key for Brazilian/ Bossa type interpretations of Standards and such.

There's a reason so Many of Jobim's tunes were written in D, A and G. The Jazz people just put them in their friendly keys- Bb, Eb and F.
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Re: MPN TEAM TEST: Arturia Pigments 2 EricBarker 02/18/20 04:48 AM
I've had a copy for a few months, and though I haven't spent a whole lot of time with it, I can give my feedback.

- First off, MPE integration is surprisingly flawless. It's as accessible as Roli's own Equator, and less buggy than Serum (which has struggled with some MPE aspects for a while). That said, I never tried to do anything particularly complex with the MPE modulators, just plugged it in to my Seaboard and played around with presets. But it looks like all the tools are there. I don't know whether it can do relative Slide yet, Equator is the only one I know of that does that, and it's not particularly important, sometimes I'm not even sure it works correctly in Equator.

- Sound is juicy and full, no complaints there. Presets are aimed a bit more at EDM and dance pop than live keyboard performance, IMO. But that's really been the case with Serum and most of the modern Wavetable synths I've played with. LOTS of wavetables to play with.

- Modulator section is FANTASTIC, probably the largest assortment of usable mods on the scene. No BS "dual LFOs" or blocks that cut corners. I find FXpansion Cypher and Strobe to be almost unusable due to all its weird integration of modulators, nothing sounds like I want it to. User defined functions and THREE random Modulators, which is really really useful for my sound design work. Zebra2 is the only one with more random mods (FOUR), but I don't own it, so I can't comment. Serum has been a big letdown in this department, as they opted for all hand-drawn modulators, which is probably great for most people, but don't allow for randomization. NI Massive never had any, don't know about Massive2. Equator has two, and they're very good, but Pigments' are more flexible.

- Interface... I think I could learn to love this. I've always held Massive as the gold standard with the way it presented its concentric collars. Pigments follows very much in Massive's footsteps, with its own flavor that offers both advantages and disadvantages. Unlike massive, no parameter is limited to two modulators. This isn't a huge thing for me as I've rarely found the need to add more. That was a product of Massive's adherence to making sure everything was immediately visible on the screen (which I applaud), and there's only so many collars you can fit around a nob. Pigments adds the ability to add an unlimited number of mods to a control, with the concession that only the first one is visible at all times. However, if you click a control it immediately highlights the currently assigned mods, and clicking on them will bring up their collars. Where Pigments surpasses Massive and takes a page from Serum and many other new synths, is that in additional to collars, it has a little spark that shows the exact position of the controller output in real time. It's kind of cute, and helpful for troubleshooting.

- The Two Engine system is ridiculously deep. Each Engine has 3 modes: Analog can provide up to 3 simple layered waveforms (for a total of 6!). The Wavetable mode is just infinitely controllable. There are a plethora of high-quality wavetables, and you can import your own which are in the same format as Serum. Visual representation is solid. The Sample engine is quite bizarre, however, being both over and under engineered, and this is where there's some seriously missed opportunities (that may be expanded in later versions). It attempts to be a multi-sample producer, but it only has 6 sample slots. Furthermore, the sample mapping is locked per octave or to a velocity range depending on what mode you choose. Frankly, I don't see the usefulness of this. I'm no stranger to assigning one-off SFX to notes or pads or keys (where this might be handy), but this doesn't allow you to define specific ranges, only octaves. It has modes for round robin and random cycling too, but again, without a discreet range control, I can't imagine much potential for this. I think they could have scrapped the "mode" idea altogether, and just allowed input boxes for note and velocity ranges per sample, which would have made this far more flexible and simpler. Otherwise, it's a fine mono-sample engine, and you can import your own, unlike some of the tacked-on sample playback engines that VIs include in their synths (*caugh* Equator). The sample engine also is the only mode that doesn't allow for multi-voice unions. Not surprising since that's not typically the realm of Samplers. But there was an opportunity there that could have been cool.

In closing, Pigments is a ridiculously deep and well constructed. Very strong FX unit that I failed to review. The interface is one of the most tight and solid I've seen in recent years, which is surprising coming from Arturia whose I consider to be typically subpar. I only spent a short time flipping through presets, and they seemed decent enough. The engine system, mod block, and filters are fantastic and well laid out. The sample engine is rudimentary with some odd rumblings of something greater that never happened... but no worse than any other VI. I guess my biggest concern is that this synth is EVERYTHING. Never in a million years are you going to hear a record and say, "oh, that's a Pigments Patch!" And that's sorta the thing with Wavetablers, isn't it? I mean, I guess I can see a tune was made in 2008 and figure it uses Massive, but it's not like Diva which has it's own simple but juicy flavor. But it's great to have an "everything but the kitchen sink" synth around that just gets the job done, no matter how complex. I'll admit to never warming up to Serum the way many do. It's fine, and Steve Duda is a super nice guy. Like Pigments it's a big ol toolbox, very deep and flexible. I guess I just never felt in sync with the workflow, and I came in right when MPE was new and buggy. Pigments is a little more to my liking, it's a bit more varied in presets, has a Sample engine, as well as an eye on the past, while Serum feels absolutely rooted in 2015.

Arturia just needs to get out there and make some waves, some targeted patch packs, and clean up their Sample engine, and they'd have near perfect synth. At this point I give it a solid 9/10.
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Re: Who's the bass player on this? Jonathan Hughes 02/18/20 04:34 AM
It's not Marc Johnson (he and Steve don't look remotely similar). It sure does look like Steve Rodby, and Steve Rodby toured with Monty Alexander.

"He toured with Monty Alexander and Michael Franks before replacing Mark Egan in Pat Metheny’s group in 1980" (from this site)

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Re: Who's the bass player on this? Jazz+ 02/18/20 04:27 AM

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Re: Bad noise on tube amp Larryz 02/18/20 04:25 AM
I would give the caps a chance to charge up if the amp has been sitting for many years...leave the amp on for a few hours. Then I would pull the tubes and check them on a tube checker. Or, you can just replace them with new tubes. Make sure the power tubes are matched and if they are changed, set the bias. I have a couple of tubers out in the garage and this thread is reminding me to go out there and plug them in for an hour. Good luck and I hope you find the problem! Those old Fender Vibrolux amps are worth a pretty penny and would be worth a new set of tubes... cool
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Re: Will 8 track tapes become the next hipster thing ? techristian 02/18/20 04:25 AM
A big headache to repair an 8 track tape. Endless loop...endless headaches.

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Re: My Guitar Player Actually Turned Down! Mr. Nightime 02/18/20 04:15 AM
My guy has this one setting on his Line 6 that has a really severe 60 cycle hum. I noticed that once he turned down, the hum was barely noticeable.

I commented to him that with the in ears, and the PA, all he really needed on stage was a Fender Deluxe. His comment was, "Then it will sound like a Fender Deluxe".

My reply, "And?"

I guess he really likes the tone of the Mesa

I just listened to a recording made during the second gig. Balance is close, but still not quite enough keys. The lead was where the rhythm should be. I'll get it right soon.

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